Luminatis - Partner for energy-efficient LED lighting projects

Founded in Luxembourg in 2011, Luminatis specialises in lighting technologies, especially in the high-demand LED market. With outlets in Germany, France and Luxembourg, the company works independently of manufacturers to offer all relevant services from a single source – from analysis and light planning via product selection and procurement through to installation and the launch of operations. As a general contractor for lighting and LED solutions, Luminatis has a large network of highly specialised quality suppliers based in Germany and the EU. In its "Smart Light Efficiency" LED contracting services, the company works in close cooperation with MVV EnergySolutions.

Luminatis is a company of the MVV Group.

Luminatis Deutschland GmbH

Marie-Curie-Straße 5
76829 Landau

+49 6341 5499314

+49 6341 5499318