Our customers are our key focus

Bespoke solutions for SME companies and retail customers

We provide our customers with a reliable supply of energy. Our experience and expertise enable us to meet the various expectations our partners place in us. Our proximity to our customers is one of our key competitive advantages.

Environmentally-friendly energy for all
Ever more customers are opting for environmentally-friendly energy. To satisfy this demand, we offer a broad range of products that meet ecological standards to our retail and business customers. These range from renewable energies through to  environmentally friendly district heating. These also include the portfolio of solutions we offer to retail and business customers for selfgenerated solar electricity and e-mobility. E-mobility is also an integral component of our activities in Smart Cities, where we act as a system partner to local authorities and offer networked solutions for towns and cities.

Energy-related services: smart solutions for small and medium-sized companies
As one of Germany’s leading providers of energy-related services, our mission is to offer smart solutions to our customers. We focus on projects and measures to enhance efficiency and optimise energy use at industrial, commercial and real estate companies.

Successful on the energy markets
The way energy and emissions rights are traded is permanently evolving. Changes in markets play a key role here, as do political requirements, such as those governing climate protection. In these changing markets, our group of companies is ideally positioned with its commodities, service and trading business at  MVV Trading, where we pool energy procurement, energy product trading, marketing electricity from renewable generation, also in PPA/PSA models, and portfolio management for our group of companies. We also offer all these services to third-party customers on the market. Moreover, our trading subsidiary is also responsible for the renewable energies direct marketing business.