Renewable energy

We focus on wind energy, biomass and biogas

As a forerunner of the energy turnaround, we focus on the further expansion of renewable energies

Renewable raw materials and environmentally friendly sources such as wind and sun are the energy suppliers of the future.

Investment in renewable energies is therefore a pillar of our corporate strategy. Since 2009 alone, we have invested around EUR 730 million to expand our generation capacities based on renewable energies and project development in this area.

In addition to biomass, biogenic waste and biomethane, our generation strategy focuses in particular on wind energy: We have an installed capacity of 426 megawatts of electricity from renewable energies, of which wind power alone supplies 196 megawatts.

In addition, we also use the existing potential of geothermal energy in suitable projects in the field of sustainable heat supply.


Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Managing Director MVV Umwelt GmbH


Uwe Zickert
Managing Director of MVV Umwelt GmbH