Corporate Governance

MVV Energie accords great importance to responsible corporate governance. For the Executive and Supervisory Boards, it is at the same time a self-imposed commitment, as well as the basis for and the standard by which we measure our actions. The Executive and Supervisory Boards manage MVV Energie in line with the principles of the social market economy and work to sustainably increase the company’s value. We are convinced that high-quality corporate governance is the means to gain and permanently retain the trust of our shareholders, customers and employees, as well as of the general public.


Corporate Governance Declaration

StatusDownload Report
November 2023here
December 2022here
December 2021here
December 2020here
November 2019here
November 2018here

Articles of Incorporation

March 2024here

Remuneration System

The Annual General Meeting on 12 March 2021 adopted the following resolutions with the necessary majorities.

StatusRemuneration System
March 2021Executive Board
March 2021Supervisory Board

Remuneration Reports

2023 Financial YearRemuneration Report
2022 Financial YearRemuneration Report