On the right course with sustainability

We intend to become one of the first #climatepositive energy companies in Germany

One key milestone as we head towards a #climatepositive future involves shrinking our total carbon footprint to net zero by 2035. We include all sources of greenhouse gases in our climate balance sheet, i.e. we also include sources in the upstream and downstream supply chains and at our shareholdings.

We have pursued a sustainability-based strategy for many years now. This involves providing our customers with a supply of energy that is as environmentally friendly as possible and supporting them with innovative solutions that enable them to reach their own climate protection targets. We cover all material stages of the energy industry value chain. At MVV, comprehensive group-wide sustainability management ensures that sustainability is factored into all company decisions.

MVV’s climate protection targets are in line with the 1.5-degree trajectory provided for by the Paris Climate Agreement and will help meet this objective. That was confirmed once again by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), a partnership of international nongovernment organisations (NGOs), in November 2022 following an extensive scientific review. That makes MVV the first energy company in Germany to hold SBTi certification for the 1.5-degree target. You can find out more about this here.

We have been included in sustainability ratings for years now. In the most recent rating by ISS ESG, a rating agency well established in the market for sustainable investments for more than 20 years now, MVV was again awarded Prime Status and received a “B” rating for the first time. This places MVV among the leading companies when it comes to accounting for ecological and social criteria in its corporate management.

In its rating, ISS ESG particularly highlighted MVV’s efforts to promote the energy transition and energy efficiency. Not only that: In the Social and Governance categories, the rating agency confirmed that the Mannheim-based group of companies showed exemplary consideration of employees’ rights/further training, work-life balance and very high transparency towards its stakeholders. In the Environmental category, ISS ESG singled out our climate strategy and our value chain for MVV products, the services we offer, and our success in enhancing energy and water efficiency.

Read more about our sustainability ratings and awards here.



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