Value chain

Conditions in non-OECD countries are in some cases still precarious when it comes to employees, stakeholders and the environment. As part of global value chains, companies are particularly called on to take responsibility here. They can promote positive changes to increase the sustainability of production structures by ensuring that their own business relationships are exemplary.

In our upstream supply chain, we require our suppliers to comply with minimum standards, for example in respect of combating corruption, respecting human rights, workers’ rights, including occupational safety, and environmental protection.

Our suppliers are regularly evaluated to assess their sustainability, risks and compliance. In our supplier management system, all suppliers are required to provide extensive disclosures on sustainability aspects. Corresponding information and certificates are deposited in our supplier management system. These aspects are monitored in our compliance management system.

In terms of our downstream supply chain, our products and services enable our customers to analyse and reduce their energy consumption.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Head of Sustainability Department
Sustainability Report Financial Year 2023

Published on 23th February 2024

Additional Data / KPI for Sustainability Report 2023 FY (in German)