Locally and regionally rooted - nationally and internationally active

Our company history at a glance

  • Connection of the energy from waste plant in Leuna to the district heating grid at Stadtwerke Merseburg
  • Operations launched at the new energy from waste plant in Dundee/Scotland
  • Commissioning of an organic waste fermentation and energy generation plant in Bernburg (Saxony-Anhalt)
  • Construction of a plant to recover phosphorous from sewage sludge in Mannheim
  • Commissioning of a sewage sludge incineration plant in Offenbach
  • Realisation of Germany’s first “wind + storage” hybrid project in the Uckermark region (Brandenburg)
  • Start of construction of the first MVV ricer source heat pump in Mannheim
  • Successive conversion of biomass power plant for district heating connection
  • Investigation of geothermal preferred areas by GeoHardt
  • Acquisition of AVANTAG Energy, a company specializing in rooftop photovoltaics systems
  • Merger of the project development subsidiaries Juwi and Windwärts to form Juwi GmbH
  • Presentation of the Mannheim Model, which will make MVV climate neutral by 2040 and #climatepositive from then on
  • Confirmation from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) that MVV's climate protection targets are in line with the 1.5-degree trajectory of the Paris Climate Agreement; MVV is also the first German energy company and one of the first in the world to be certified by SBTi in line with the Net Zero standard
  • MVV is one of the world’s most sustainable energy companies according to ISS rating agency


  • Strategic partnerships with DC-Datacenter-Group, Econ Solutions and Qivalo
  • Publication of our sustainability goals and launch of our new brand
  • Contract awarded in Dundee, Scotland, for the operation of an existing Energy from waste facility and the construction and operation of a new, highly efficient EfW facility.
  • Start of construction for the integration of heat energy from the Mannheim HKW into the Mannheim district heating grid


  • Founding Franklin mobil and start of cooperation with the car manufacturer e.GO
  • Acquisition of the biowaste fermentation plant in Dresden-Klotzsche
  • Start of construction to connect our EfW facility TREA Leuna to the district heating grid in the City of Merseburg.
  • Start of construction for the waste-fired power plant in Dundee, Scotland


  • Foundation of the Shared Services companies Soluvia Energy Services
  • Stadtwerke Merseburg and MVV break ground for environmentally friendly district heating
  • juwi builds thousandth wind turbine in company history
  • MVV Energie AG increases its stake in juwi AG to 100% 


  • Commisioning of the Küstenkraftwerk Kiel
  • Connection of our energy from waste plant on Friesenheimer Insel to the regional heating energy grid
  • First Sentier Investors is MVV's largest minority shareholder, holding 45.8 percent of the company's shares.
  • Renewable energy portfolio further expanded



  • Start of district heating expansion and congestion programme in Mannheim
  • Participation in Stadtwerke Sinsheim
  • Commissioning of boiler 6 at the HKW Mannheim


  • Acquisition of a wind farm in Plauerhagen (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) and successful entry into the wind energy market.
  • Commissioning of the district heating transport pipeline to Speyer (21 km)


  • Major contract for the design, construction and operation of an Energy from Waste combined heat and power facility in Plymouth, England


  • Acquisition of shares of Stadtwerke Walldorf GmbH
  • Commissioning of the wind farm Kirchberg (Hunsrück) by Energieversorgung Offenbach
  • Acquisition of seven German wind farms from Spanish energy group Iberdrola
  • Commissioning of our first biomethane facility in Klein Wanzleben (Saxony-Anhalt).


  • Construction of a district heating storage facility on the site of the Mannheim power plant

  • Construction of the Kroppenstedt biomethane plant (Saxony-Anhalt)

  • Construction of Ridham Dock biomass power plant in the UK


  • Energieversorgung Offenbach commissions the Hungerberg wind farm.
  • Participation in the Luxembourg lighting specialist luminatis S.à.r.l.
  • Takeover of Windwärts Energie GmbH and majority stake in Juwi AG
  • Foundation of our subsidiary Beegy
  • Extension of concessional contracts with the City of Mannheim for a further 20 years


  • Commissioning of unit 9 at the large power plant in Mannheim (GKM)
  • Commissioning of the biomethane plants in Staßfurt and Barby
  • Commissioning of the Energy from Waste facility in Plymouth and the biomass facility in Ridham Dock (Kent)


  • Acquisition of nine new wind turbines
  • Strategic partnership with Enerix in the field of decentralised energy supply
  • Start of construction of the K.I.E.L. coastal power facility in Kiel (Schleswig-Holstein)


  • IPO of MVV Energie AG


  • Foundation of the Czech subsidiary MVV Energie CZ
  • Acquisition of a majority shareholding in Energieversorgung Offenbach AG (EVO) as well as 100 percent of Köthen Energie GmbH and 25.1 percent of Stadtwerke Buchen


  • Acquisition of 49.9 percent oft he shares each in Stadtwerke Solingen GmbH (SWS GmbH) and Stadtwerke Ingolstadt Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG (SWI)


  • Commissioning of the biomass power plants in Mannheim, Königs Wusterhausen and Flörsheim-Wicker as well as a new boiler at the Mannheim CHP plant


  • Acqusition of 51 percent of the shares in Stadtwerke Kiel


  • Founding of MVV Energiedienstleistungen GmbH and MVV Umwelt GmbH
  • Commissioning of the EfW plant TREA Leuna (Sachsen-Anhalt)
  • Capital increase of just under 10 percent


  • Founding of our shared service companies
  • Participation in the Schwetzingen municipal utility
  • Acquisition of IVB Immobilien Versorgung GmbH, Berlin, and Industriepark Gersthofen Servicegesellschaft mbH & Co.KG (IGS)


  • The City of Mannheim sells 16.1 percent of MVV Energie AG to RheinEnergie AG, Cologne.
  • Second TREA Leuna boiler commences operations
  • Capital increase of almost 18 percent


  • Establishment of MVV Environment Ltd. (London, United Kingdom)


  • Mannheim City Council converts its utility departments into Mannheimer Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH with its subsidiaries SMA, RHE and MVG.


  • The district heating pipeline from Mannheim to Heidelberg commences operation.


  • Start of district heating supply from the GKM to Schwetzingen


  • Beginning of the engagement in Poland


  • Readjustment and renaming of Stadtwerke Mannheim as MVV Energie AG


  • The City of Mannheim takes over the electricity utility.


  • The Mannheim power plant (GKM) goes into operation.


  • Mannheim city centre is connected to the district heating system.


  • Faithful reconstruction of the Mannheim Water Tower


  • Construction of the MVV high-rise building at Luisenring, Mannheim


  • The Combined Heat and Power facility (HKW) on Friesenheimer Insel goes into operation.


  • Start of the Mannheimer Stadtwerke: The City of Mannheim takes over the gasworks in K6/K7.


  • The Käfertal waterworks go into operation, marking the start of a central drinking water supply in Mannheim.


  • Inauguration of the Mannheim Water Tower
  • The power station at the industrial port with a capacity of 3.5 megawatts starts operation. This marks the start of electricity supply in Mannheim.


  • The Luzenberg gasworks commence operation