We ensure reliable energy and water

Our modern grids and highly efficient plants form the basis for a reliable supply

Ensuring that our customers receive a reliable supply of energy and water is part of our DNA. That is why we are continually investing in our generation plants and grids. The success of this strategy is reflected in the high level of supply reliability at our locations, which regularly outperforms the already superb national average.

Generation and Infrastructure comprises the business fields of Generation and Grids. In addition to conventional energy generation and sections of green heat, it therefore also includes grid facilities for electricity, heat, gas and water.

The business fields aggregated in this segment serve to provide customers with a reliable and stable supply of various products. All facilities are characterised by high asset intensity, long lifecycles for the technical equipment and congruent financing structures.

Utmost efficiency with combined heat and power generation
The Generation and Infrastructure segment includes our generation portfolio for conventional energies with CHP. These include our gas-fired CHP plant in Kiel, our CHP plant in Offenbach and our minority shareholding in the power plant Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG.

Grids are crucial for a secure supply
High-performing grids are crucial to guarantee a reliable supply of energy and water and to implement the energy transition. For this reason, this segment also includes the grid business at our distribution grid operators in Mannheim, Kiel and Offenbach. All in all, within the MVV Group we operate electricity, district heat, gas and water grids with a total length of around 19,300 kilometres.