Avantag – greater sustainability with photovoltaics

Avantag Energy has developed sustainable and economically viable customer solutions involving renewable energies for almost 15 years. Based in Wecker in Luxembourg, Avantag offers its services to industrial, commercial and property companies, especially in Germany and Luxembourg.

Developing high-performance photovoltaics systems is the core competency of AVANTAG Energy s.à r.l. and its Trier-based associate DecarTec GmbH. The company supplements these services by offering suitable implementation and financing concepts to support customers in installing and operating the systems.

AVANTAG Energy s.à r.l. is an MVV Group company.

AVANTAG Energy s.à r.l.

18, Duchscherstrooss

6868 Wecker

+352 26 71 40 61

+352 26 94 57 94