Full power for the future

We invest in modern and sustainable energy generation

The energy generation of the future is sustainable, climate-neutral and decentralized. That's why we are making targeted investments in the expansion of renewable energies. We are focusing on onshore wind farms, the use of biomass and waste to generate electricity and heat, and the production of biomethane. With our subsidiary Juwi, we are also ideally positioned in project development and operational management.

The energy from waste plants, biomass power plants, photovoltaics systems, wind turbines, biomethane plants and biogas plants are allocated to the New Energies segment, with its business fields of Environmental Energy Germany, Environmental Energy UK and Wind and PV. Furthermore, this reporting segment also includes the renewable energies project development and operations management activities.

Competence in generating electricity from waste
We demonstrate our all-round competence in the ecological disposal of waste and biomass not only at our plants in Mannheim, Offenbach, Leuna and Königs Wusterhausen but also in the United Kingdom, where we operate an energy from waste plant with heat extraction in Plymouth, a biomass power plant with CHP capability at Ridham Dock and an energy from waste plant in the Scottish city of Dundee. In Germany, we also have biogas and biomethane plants, including bio-waste anaerobic digestion.

Expansion of wind power and solar plants

The focus in the international business is on photovoltaics, while in Germany onshore wind power is an additional focal point. Furthermore, we act as operations managers for windfarms and solar parks and develop hybrid projects in which, depending on requirements, we supplement various energy systems such as photovoltaics or wind turbines with storage units and manage these using smart measurement and control technology.