Soluvia - Metering/Billing and IT Competencies

The Mannheim-based MVV Group is one of the leading energy companies in Germany and one of the pioneers of the energy revolution.

In the two Soluvia companies, the group bundles its shared metering, billing and information technology services.

Since 15 March 2019, Soluvia Energy Services GmbH (SES), based in Offenbach, has been bundling all tasks relating to metering, billing and customer service. For this purpose, Soluvia Billing GmbH and Soluvia Metering GmbH were merged to form SES.

Soluvia Energy Services, with its 330 employees, is responsible for metering point operation and services for around 900,000 metering points. At the same time, SES is responsible for customer service for more than 715,000 customers in Mannheim, Kiel and Offenbach. In addition to providing internal services for the MVV Group, the company also offers externally future-oriented solutions ranging from gateway administrators to data management. SES Smart Meter is currently the gateway administrator for around 90 municipal utility companies.

The company is owned 51 percent by MVV Energie AG, 24.5 percent each by Stadtwerke Kiel AG and Energieversorgung Offenbach AG.

Managing Director: Gerald Hornfeck, Dietmar Sperfeld

Information technology for the MVV Energie Group is pooled via the central service company Soluvia IT-Services GmbH (SIT). With currently around 190 employees at its locations in Kiel, Offenbach and Mannheim, SIT creates sustainable IT solutions specifically tailored to the needs of its customers from the group of companies and energy suppliers.

Managing Director: Klaus Kunath, Özen Öner

Soluvia Energy Services GmbH

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Dietmar Sperfeld
Management Soluvia Energy Services GmbH


Gerald Hornfeck
Management Soluvia Energy Services GmbH

Soluvia IT-Services GmbH

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Klaus Kunath
Management Soluvia IT-Services GmbH


Özen Öner
Management Soluvia IT-Services GmbH