Key Indicators Financial Year 2019

01.10.2018 - 30.09.2019

 FY 2019FY 2018% change
Financial key figures   
Sales excluding energy taxes (Euro million)3,6833,903- 6
Adjusted EBITDA1 (Euro million)409443- 8
Adjusted EBIT1 (Euro million)225228- 1
Adjusted annual net income1 (Euro million)115111+ 4
Adjusted annual net income after minority interests1 (Euro million)9894+ 4
Adjusted earnings per share1 (Euro)1.491.43+ 4
Dividend proposal/dividend per share (Euro)0.900.900
Cash flow from operating activities (Euro million)238331- 28
Cash flow from operating activities per share (Euro)3.605.03- 28
Adjusted total assets at 30 September2 (Euro million)4,4724,152+ 8
Adjusted equity at 30 September2 (Euro million)1,5441,5500
Adjusted equity ratio at 30 September2 (%)34.537.3- 8
Net financial debt at 30 September (Euro million)1,3451,075+ 25
ROCE (%)7.98.5- 7
WACC (%)6.36.30
Value Spread (%)1.62.2- 27
Capital employed (Euro million)2,8472,674+ 6
Investments (Euro million)310290+ 7
Non-financial key figures   
Direct CO2 emissions (Scope 1) (tonnes 000s)1,5451,5470
Net CO2 savings (tonnes 000s)4864850
Installed renewable energies capacities (MW)474467+ 1
Share of renewable energies in own electricity generation (%)63630
Concluded development of new renewable energies plants (MW)4601,011- 55
Number of employees at 30 September6,1135,978+ 2
of which women1,7561,701+ 3
of which men4,3574,277+ 2
Share of female managers at 30 September (%)1514+ 7


Excluding non-operating measurement item for financial derivatives, excluding structural adjustment for part-time early retirement, excluding restructuring result and including interest income from finance leases

Excluding non-operating measurement item for financial derivatives


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Head of Department Finance and Investor Relations