Efficient, environmentally-friendly energy at Ludwigshafen Industrial Park

At Ludwigshafen Industrial Park, we produce electricity and heating energy close to our customers using the environmentally-friendly cogeneration process. We have invested Euro 27.5 million to enhance energy efficiency in the Rhine/Neckar metropolitan region. This enables CO2 emissions to be cut by 115,000 tonnes a year.

The objective: energy efficiency
In 2000, we took over a 60 year-old brown coal-fired cogeneration plant that supplied steam and electricity to the chemicals companies Almatis (previously: Alcoa), BK Giulini and ICL Fertilizers (previously: Amsterdam Fertilizers). We replaced this power plant with an efficient gas and steam turbine power plant. To do justice to the changing energy climate, this power plant was extended in 2008 by an ultramodern cogeneration gas motor power plant. By making these investments, MVV Enamic has not only secured an efficient supply of energy to the industrial park, but has also made a decisive contribution towards electricity grid stability in the region, thus supporting the ongoing expansion in renewable energies generation plants. As well as supplying natural gas, compressed air, drinking water and raw water and operating a water treatment plant, we are also responsible for managing supply grid operations at the industrial park.

MVV Enamic Ludwigshafen

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