Making our infrastructure fit for the future

Renewable energies are subject to fluctuations and therefore available for shorter periods of time. This makes it necessary to smartly combine them with highly efficient and flexibly controllable power plants. Minimising interruptions to the electricity supply is crucial for the European economy.

We continually invest in maintaining, expanding and optimising our grids and plants in order to safeguard their reliability, smartness and performance capacity. This way, we aim to ensure as high a level of supply reliability as possible for electricity, gas and heat. Even though renewable energies now account for a significantly higher share of the overall electricity mix, in recent years we have made sure that interruptions to the electricity supply in our regions remain well below the German national average.

Another factor involves digitally networking municipal infrastructures to promote the efficient management of maintenance measures and expansion investments. New concepts of this kind are developed in our Smart Cities business field.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Head of Sustainability Department
Sustainability Report Financial Year 2023

Published on 23th February 2024

Additional Data / KPI for Sustainability Report 2023 FY (in German)