We generate Energy - efficient and environmentally friendly

Electricity and heat from waste, biomass and wind / Sustainable projects for the energy of the future

Sustainable energy is more than a word for us - it is a strategic principle. We therefore invest in the generation of electricity and heat from renewable sources and focus on maximum energy efficiency.

In addition to the thermal treatment of residual waste, our portfolio includes the use of wind energy, biomass and biowaste as well as the production of biomethane. We have an installed capacity of 426 megawatts of electricity from renewable energies alone, 196 megawatts of which is in the form of onshore wind power.

We have bundled all our energy generation plants in our MVV Umwelt subsidiary.


Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Geschäftsführer MVV Umwelt GmbH


Uwe Zickert
Managing Director of MVV Umwelt GmbH