Data Center Group – efficient and viable data centres with peak performance

Data Center Group has different business divisions which unite the full spectrum of IT infrastructure expertise needed for high availability, security, viability and efficiency under one roof.

Its portfolio ranges from advising on and planning data centres through to the professional construction, implementation and expert operation of such centres, as well as related services. The business divisions, which are closely interlinked and coordinated, together cover the whole value chain for their customers. With this portfolio and a team of more than 190 employees, Data Center Group is uniquely positioned in the German market and creates maximum added value for companies in a wide variety of sectors and public sector organisations.

Our track record is clear: Since 2005, Data Center Group has successfully implemented more than 2,500 national and international projects and is continuing to grow.

Data Center Group is an MVV Group company.

Further information at:

DC-Datacenter-Group GmbH

In der Aue 2
57584 Wallmenroth

+49 2741 9321 0

+49 2741 9321 111