Climate protection is a fixed component of our corporate strategy

We will become #climatepositive – as one of the first energy companies in Germany

The energy supply has to be climate friendly and environmentally friendly, while also remaining reliable and affordable. We have been working on the energy system of the future for many years now. We acted early to prepare our company to actively shape this transformation. Our climate protection strategy is a fixed component of our corporate strategy. It thus plays a key role in determining the allocation of our investments and MVV’s further development. With our Mannheim Model and its three aspects of heat transition, electricity transition and customer solutions, we were the first energy company in Germany to develop our own pathway showing how we as a company will become #climatepositive. 

Our #climatepositive course has been validated by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) in accordance with the strictest scientific standards and recognised as being net zero compatible. This validation was provided in 2021 already for our climate protection targets and in 2022 for the measures derived on this basis. We were thus the first energy company in Germany, and one of the first worldwide, to receive such validation.

More tempo thanks to enhanced Mannheim Model

We are convinced that the energy transition is not only possible in technical terms, but also economically viable. Our success in implementing the energy transition to date has encouraged us to update our strategy and significantly raise our climate protection ambitions. We will become #climatepositive by 2035, five years earlier than originally planned. We will exploit all available potential to implement the energy transition, and thus achieve genuine climate protection, with all our strength and increased tempo.

Our Mannheim Model provides the framework for our even faster and even more focused course to becoming #climatepositive. To this end, we are pursuing ambitious climate protection targets across all components of the Mannheim Model:

We will shrink our overall carbon footprint to net zero and become #climatepositive by 2035

One interim step as we head towards a #climatepositive future involves shrinking our total carbon footprint to net zero by 2035. We include all sources of greenhouse gases in our climate balance sheet, i.e. we also include sources in the upstream and downstream supply chains and at our shareholdings.

In addition, by working with BECCUS (Bioenergy Carbon Capture Usage and Storage) we will actively withdraw CO2 from the atmosphere and then permanently bind, use or store this gas. We have already reached our first major milestones here. Based on the operating experience gained, we will gradually extend the use of this technology in our plant portfolio. This way, we will offset our own unavoidable residual emissions. Not only that: Thanks to the additional CO2 withdrawn from the atmosphere, our overall emissions will turn negative by 2035 already and we will become #climatepositive.

Our Mannheim Model provides the framework for our #climatepositive course.