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Your EVO – everything you need to know

As an energy supplier and disposal company, EVO aims to act as a powerhouse and trendsetter – and not just for Offenbach and the region. We supply private customers and companies with electricity, natural gas, water and heating energy. We dispose of waste and wastewater and perform a wide range of energy-related services. Our subsidiary mobiheat GmbH, for example, has more than 300 mobile heating systems providing heating energy to all kinds of construction projects across Germany.

Clean energy for 240,000 people
EVO has structured its energy supply along innovative, environmentally-friendly and climate-friendly lines. Since 2009, EVO has invested around Euro 200 million in expanding renewable energies and in providing a decentralised and efficient energy supply. A total of 45 wind turbines now operate on behalf of our customers in the Hunsrück, Rheinhessen, Nordhessen and Vogelsberg regions.

More than 50% of the electricity we generate comes from renewable resources. That means we are already well ahead of the 35% target set by the Federal Government for 2020. Above all, it also means clean energy for around 240,000 people.

Out of the ordinary – utilities and personal service

  • By concluding an EVO electricity contract, customers receive a package of services unequalled by any other energy supplier in the region. This also includes the emergency service, which offers rapid assistance in the event of a power cut or house connection problems. This service alone is worth up to Euro 250 a year.
  • We are an important business partner to the region. Year for year, we contribute value of more than one hundred million euros to the town and district of Offenbach.
  • With our commitment to enhancing energy efficiency we also set a clear signal for our customers. By offering services such as our energy advisors’ property check and technical solutions for all aspects of heating energy, we are the number one partner in the region when it comes to energy efficiency.

EVO – we are at your side
Since our foundation as the "Gas Company in Offenbach" in 1847, we have acted as a reliable energy supplier to the Offenbach region and surrounding Rhine-Main region. This commitment to the region is also the motivation for the sponsorship we provide to sports and cultural activities. As in the past 170 years, people and companies can rely on EVO in future as well. We are at your side.

Internet: www.evo-ag.de

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