Insurance for the MVV Energie Group

MVV Insurance Services as service provider to companies and private customers

MVV Insurance Services GmbH is the MVV Energie Group’s proprietary insurance agency. This company provides the whole range of insurance services, focusing in particular on selling and purchasing insurance policies, analysing insurance needs, handling damages claims and providing advice and support on all insurance-related matters.

MVV Insurance Services GmbH offers its services to all group companies. It also offers the entire spectrum of private insurance services to MVV Energie employees.

MVV Energie AG owns 68.4 percent of the shares in the company, while Energieversorgung Offenbach AG and Stadtwerke Kiel own 17.6 percent and 14 percent respectively.

MVV Insurance Services GmbH

Luisenring 49
68159 Mannheim

+49 621 290 0

F +49 621 290 1570


Dr. Martin Auer
Managing Director


Drazen Pajtler
Managing Director