Ecological footprint

The volume of natural resources we use exceeds the earth’s maximum limits. Emissions, pollutants and waste also place such a great burden on the natural world that it is unable to regenerate. That is true for our world as a whole, as well as for Europe and Germany.

When it comes to the natural resources we use, we take our ecological responsibility seriously. That is the basis for our obligation to actively protect the environment.

We aim to prevent our business activities from having any negative effects on the environment. Where such effects are unavoidable, we aim to reduce them significantly. One example is the way in which we are shrinking the ecological footprint resulting from our use of water.

In our energy generation, we attach great priority to ensuring very high levels of energy and resource efficiency and to reducing emissions. Here, we are making ongoing efforts to enhance the efficiency of our plants. Another way we contribute to a circular economy is by using the energy contained in unavoidable waste.

In our ambitious investment programme, we are building above all on technologies that protect the environment and the climate. Our key focuses are on renewable energies, highly efficient technologies and a decentralised energy supply.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Head of Sustainability Department
Sustainability Report Financial Year 2023

Published on 23th February 2024

Additional Data / KPI for Sustainability Report 2023 FY (in German)