Innovations for the energy turnaround

Energy for the future

The energy turnaround in Germany has triggered change processes in the energy industry. The rapid pace of technological advances offers energy industry companies the opportunity to improve their offerings and develop new business models. Services and products more closely focused on customers are gaining in significance. Furthermore, the tasks to be performed by energy suppliers now and in future are becoming increasingly complex.

The trend is towards an energy supply that is decentralised and, as a result, increasingly digitally managed. In view of this, we are working with innovative technology and testing this in terms of its suitability for future use. Here, our overriding objective is to create the requirements needed to develop products and services that are ready for the market and take customers’ needs ever more closely into account.

Our activities focus, among other areas, on integrating the growing share of energy generated from renewable sources into the existing supply infrastructure and on further enhancing decentralised, highly efficient cogeneration.

For us these topics are high on our agenda, especially in our research and development division.

Innovative processes for #climate-positive products

Our energy from waste plants use waste to generate valuable energy. We turn the energy contained in residual waste into heat, electricity and process steam for industry and households.

We aim to filter the carbon compounds in the flue gas to stop these emissions from entering the atmosphere and rather store them securely or reuse them as a resource. This process is even CO2 negative, i.e. good for the climate and #climate positive.

To achieve this, we have build a first innovative pilot plant to capture CO2 at the Mannheim location. Drawing on the experience we gain here, we will then equip further energy from waste plants and make them #climate positive.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Head of Sustainability Department
Sustainability Report Financial Year 2023

Published on 23th February 2024

Additional Data / KPI for Sustainability Report 2023 FY (in German)

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