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Qivalo GmbH

Qivalo pools metering and sub-metering services in a smart meter gateway-based platform. This way, it provides a fully managed system for automatically collecting data from all main and apartment meters, one which covers all utilities used by the property. An open-system infrastructure based on radio technology provides facility managers and building administrators with full transparency about consumption data and processes. Based on this digital infrastructure, Qivalo offers the possibility of self-billing and thus replaces traditional metering functions. What’s more, this system creates a foundation for all future energy efficiency topics and further data-driven optimisation measures.

In this joint venture, MVV has pooled its energy industry and technical competence and experience with the real estate expertise of Immobiliengruppe Rhein-Neckar. By joining forces this way, the two players can act as a strong partner to the real estate sector.

MVV Enamic holds a 42.5 percent stake in Qivalo.

Qivalo GmbH

Joseph-Meyer-Straße 13-15
68167 Mannheim

+49 621 3006400