Fresh breeze in the countryside

Electricity for around 171,000 households

With 19 wind farms and a total output of 480 million kWh, our group of companies generates environmentally friendly electricity for around 171,000 households. In 2022, 317,000 tonnes of CO2 were avoided.

The expansion in our wind power portfolio, consisting exclusively of onshore wind turbines, is also reflected in the development of our overall generation capacities.

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Energieversorgung Offenbach AG
MVV Energie AG
Stadtwerke Kiel
Kirchberg Wind Farm: Green electricity from the Hunsrück region

Our 23 wind turbines in Kirchberg in the Hunsrück region use the strong winds available there to generate climate-friendly electricity for 100,000 people. We feed this electricity on location into the public grid.

Sustainability Report Financial Year 2022

Published on 24th February 2023

Datenanhang KPI des MVV Nachhaltigkeitsberichts 2022 (in German)


Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Managing Director MVV Umwelt GmbH