Climate-neutral energy generation based on forward-looking technology.

Environmentally friendly biomass

Electricity and heat from old and residual wood

We are already one of the market leaders in Germany in the use of biomass. In our biomass power plants in Mannheim and in Königs Wusterhausen near Berlin we produce environmentally friendly electricity from old and residual wood.

In addition, we operate more than 30 biomass heating plants throughout Germany and generate heat and process steam decentrally in them. The new waste wood plant in Ridham Dock (UK) went into operation at the end of the 2015 financial year. It has a net electrical output of around 23 megawatts.

Our plants

Mannheim Biomass Power Plant

Mannheim Biomass Power Plant began operating in 2003 and specialises in incinerating waste and non-recyclable timber. The plant is able to incinerate all categories of waste timber.

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Königs Wusterhausen Biomass Power Plant

Königs Wusterhausen Biomass Power Plant began regular operations in 2003 after just 21 months of planning and construction. Waste and non-recyclable timber can be accepted either as pre-treated fuels or as raw materials.

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Biomass facility Ridham Dock

In Ridham Dock in the southeast of England we started operating a biomass facility in 2015.

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Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Geschäftsführer MVV Umwelt GmbH