Dr. Georg Müller
Dr. Georg Müller

We are becoming climate positive

Interview with Dr. Georg Müller

“With our Mannheim Model, we aim to be one of the first climate-positive energy companies.”
  • The CEO of our group of companies explains why we wish to become climate positive and how that should actually work.

    Why has MVV now stepped up the pace even further when it comes to climate protection?
    Protecting the climate and promoting the energy turnaround have long been the principles underpinning our actions. As one of the largest emitters, the energy industry has a key role to play in decarbonising the economy and society as a whole, and that in two respects. Expanding renewable energies, e-mobility, the heat turnaround, smart cities – these all need energy and can only work by using climate-friendly technologies. At the same time, the energy industry has to cut its direct emissions to zero. We have been pressing ahead with this for years now and currently with our course of heading for climate neutrality. Climate experts have nevertheless stated very clearly that industrial economies will have to move towards removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. With our "Mannheim Model", we aim to play our part and become one of the first climate-positive energy companies.

    How exactly does MVV intend to become climate positive?
    As we head for climate neutrality, we have three areas of action: firstly the heat turnaround, secondly the electricity turnaround and thirdly green products and solutions for our customers. The heat turnaround is possibly the most important key for MVV to achieve climate neutrality by 2040. We are Germany's third-largest district heating supplier and will convert all our district heating generation in Mannheim and the metropolitan region to green energy sources by 2030, i.e. from 100 percent fossil-based to 100 percent green. To achieve this, we are drawing on a broader mix of green options than that at almost any other energy company. We are using waste heat from waste treatment, regenerative energies such as biomass and biomethane, river heat pumps and new possibilities in the field of geothermal energy, as well as waste industrial heat. In the longer term, we will even turn our biomass power plants and energy from waste plants into CO2 sinks. And we have also set ourselves ambitious targets for the electricity turnaround: By 2026, we intend to double our portfolio of renewable capacities once again compared with 2016, as we already managed between 2009 and 2016. Not least, we are also supporting our customers, whether they are private or commercial customers, as well as our SME and industrial customers, as they themselves head for climate neutrality.

Our milestones

We have set ourselves ambitious targets.


By 2026 860 proprietary electricity generation
from renewables.


By 2026 10,000 grid feed-in volumes
from renewables.


By 2030 compared with 2018 80 reduction in energy industry emissions (Scope 1).


By 2035 compared with 2018 80 reduction in indirect greenhouse gases (Scopes 2 and 3).


  Time to
climate protection.

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Customer Solutions

solutions for
  our customers.

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New Energies

    Fresh impetus
  for the energy

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Heading for climate neutrality pays off

We can look back on a very successful 2021 financial year. This shows that financial success and business stability can go hand in hand with climate neutrality.

278MioEuro Adjusted EBIT
6470 Employees
306MioEuro Investments