Econ Solutions – an energy data service provider

Econ Solutions was founded as a startup in 2010 by Dr. Stephan Theis as Managing Partner together with the Polyrack Group. Today, this energy data service provider is a nationwide specialist for energy data recording and visualisation systems and has more than 400 customers across the whole of Germany. Its key focus is on manufacturer-independent and cross-media solutions for energy data management at industrial and commercial customers.

The interdisciplinary team, comprising energy management, measurement technology and software experts, has a proprietary sales and product development centre in Germering near Munich. The software and hardware used to record energy data and to visualise and analyse energy consumption form an important foundation for the MVV services offered on this basis. These mutually complementary services form a unique package of energy management solutions – one-stop energy monitoring and energy efficiency solutions for medium-size industrial players, commercial enterprises and chains.

Based in München, Econ Solutions has been part of the MVV Group since May 2017.

Econ Solutions GmbH

Franz-Josef-Delonge Straße 12
81249 München

+49 89 8945 7170 200