All-round expertise – comprehensive disposal and energy services

Disposal and energy solutions that open up new perspectives

Our range of services offers access to a closed value chain in the business fields of disposal and energy. When developing projects, we channel all of our expertise in the fields of resource management, power plant planning, construction and operation and energy management into maximising the benefit for our customers. Our activities focus on developing tailored customer solutions, especially for waste-fired power plants in Germany and abroad.

MVV Umwelt Ressourcen

Individual resource management to facilitate efficient waste utilisation concepts

We develop customised waste utilisation concepts based on your individual requirements and taking due account of the types of waste involved.

MVV Umwelt Asset

Generating environmentally-friendly energy from waste and biomass

At our plants, which are organised at our MVV Umwelt Asset GmbH subsidiary, we pool our core competence in decentralised energy generation from household and industrial waste and biomass, working where possible with cogeneration.

MVV Environment Ltd

Sustainable energy solutions for the British market

By founding MVV Environment Ltd, we are making our long track record of experience available to the British market as well. Our subsidiaries provide public-sector waste disposal companies, local councils and private disposal companies with sustainable, efficient disposal solutions based on waste incineration.

MVV Umwelt GmbH

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Dr. Christian Hower-Knobloch
Managing Director MVV Umwelt GmbH