Key Indicators Financial Year 2021

01.10.2020 - 30.09.2021

Financial key figuresFY 2021FY 2020% Change
Sales and earnings   
Adjusted sales excluding energy taxes (Euro million)4,1313,515+ 18
Adjusted EBITDA1 (Euro million)482449+ 7
Adjusted EBIT1 (Euro million)278233+ 19
Adjusted annual net income1 (Euro million)177128+ 38
Adjusted annual net income after minority interests1 (Euro million)150104+ 44
Capital structure   
Adjusted total assets at 30 September2 (Euro million)5,8154,582+ 27
   Adjusted total assets excluding margins at 30 September23 (Euro million)4,9944,582+ 9
Adjusted equity at 30 September2 (Euro million)1,6621,571+ 6
Adjusted equity ratio at 30 September2 (%)28.634.3- 17
   Adjusted equity ratio excluding margins at 30 September23 (%)33.334.3- 3
Net financial debt at 30 September (Euro million)6281.374- 54
   Net financial debt excluding margins at 30 September3 Euro million)1,4501,352+ 7
Cash flow and investments   
Cash flow from operating activities (Euro milliono)1,203383>+ 100
   Cash flow from operating activities excluding margins3 (Euro million)360391- 8
Investments (Mio Euro)306322- 5
Value performance   
ROCE (%)10.27.7+ 32
   ROCE excluding margins3 (%)8.97.8+ 14
WACC (%)5.96.0- 2
Value Spread (%)4.31.7>+ 100
   Value Spread excluding margins3 (%)3.01.8+ 67
Capital Employed (Euro million)2,7153,018- 10
   Capital Employed excluding margins3 (Euro million)3,1153,001+ 4
Dividend per share4 (Euro)1.050.95+ 11
Adjusted earnings per share1 (Euro)2.281.57+ 45
Non-financial key figures   
Direct CO2 emissions (Scope 1)5 (tonnes 000s)3,4403,315+ 4
Indirect CO2 emissions (Scopes 2 and 3)5,6 (tonnes 000s)5,4324,586+ 18
Net CO2 savings5 (tonnes 000s)1,002766+ 31
Electricity generation capacity from renewable energies5 (kWh million)564531+ 6
Renewable energies as share of proprietary electricity generation5 (%)3234- 6
Electricity generation volumes from renewable energies5,6 (kWh million)1,2171,274- 4
Green heat generation capacity5 (MWt)793752+ 5
Green heat as share of proprietary heat generation5, 6, 7 (%)3631+ 16
Green heat generation volumes5, 6, 7 (kWh million)2,5411,990+ 28
Completed development of new renewable energies plants (MWe)610262>+100
Operations management for renewable energies plants (MWel)3,8113,729+ 2
Number of employees at 30 September (headcount)6,4706,260+ 3
   of which women1,8251,760+ 4
   of which men4,6454,500+ 3
   of which full-time employees5,5135,324+ 4
   of which part-time employees957936+ 2
Number of trainees at 30 September (headcount)3403410
Share of female managers at 30 September (%)1415- 7
Accident frequency rate (LTIF)8 (number of accidents per 1,000,000 hours of work)4.16.7- 39

1 Excluding non-operating measurement items for financial derivatives, excluding structural adjustment for part-time early retirement and including interest income from finance leases
2 Excluding non-operating measurement items for financial derivatives
3 Excluding collateral deposited at MVV for counterparty default risks (margins)
4 Subject to approval by Annual General Meeting on 11 March 2022
5 Fully consolidated and at-equity companies
6 Previous year’s figure adjusted
7 Heat from biomass and biogas plants and from energy from waste/refuse-derived fuels (RDF)
8 Figures for 2020 and 2019 calendar years