Environmentally-friendly energy generation from waste - maximum output for production

Korbach Industrial Power Plant: reliable, economical and ecological

At Korbach Industrial Power Plant, we combine modern technologies with high efficiency and optimal fuel. This enables us to provide a reliable, economical supply of that process heating energy needed by an energy-intensive production plant. By using waste as a fuel, we contribute towards protecting the environment by saving natural resources.

Generating energy from waste

Our energy generation puts waste to environmentally-friendly use. The energy contained in the waste is transformed into heating energy, which is then used to generate steam. This steam then goes to the customer as a heat carrier and also serves to generate electricity via a steam turbine with a built-in generator. Generating energy from waste saves the use of fossil fuels and thus protects the supply of natural resources.

Process steam for use in production

We supply Continental directly on location with process steam for use in its production. Here, the automotive supplier has strict, up-to-date standards in terms of its energy supply. It expects reliability, economic efficiency and ecological responsibility – and we are the right partner to satisfy these needs.

Responsible business operations

As a power plant operator, we bear great responsibility towards the environment. That is why we take the utmost care to avoid any adverse impact on employees, the local population and the natural world.

Facts and figures at a glance

Plant data
Cogeneration plant:36 MW firing capacity
44 t/h steam output
RDF mass throughput:max. 75,500 t/a
Auxiliary boiler system approved:44 MW firing capacity
1 natural gas and 1 combined boiler: 22 MW firing capacity each
28 t/h steam output
Steam turbine capacity:4.1 MW
Fuel efficiency rate:69 %
Supply volumes
Heating energy:160,000 MWh/a
Electricity:6,000 MWh/a
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