Electricity turnaround means 100% electricity from renewable energies

By accelerating our expansion of renewable energies, we are pressing ahead with the electricity turnaround. After all, green electricity generation is the only way we can exit from fossil-based energies.

For MVV, this opens up potential for growth; not least for that reason, renewable energies are a key focus of our strategy. Back in 2016, we already set two specific sustainability targets in this area which we intend to reach by the end of the 2026 financial year:

  • In the period from 2016 to 2026 we will double our proprietary electricity generation from renewable energies.
  • Between 2016 and 2026 we will connect 10,000 MW of renewable energies capacities to the grid.

To enable us to reach our target of doubling our renewable energies electricity generation capacities from more than 400 MW to more than 800 MW, we are consistently investing in expanding our own renewables generation portfolio. Here, we are focusing above all on onshore wind turbines and photovoltaics.

We made further progress towards reaching this target in the 2021 financial year and expanded our portfolio by 33 MW to 564 MW.

We will maintain a high tempo in future as well when it comes to expanding renewable energies. For us, this also involves consistently existing from fossil-based energies:

  • We will consistently press ahead with the coal exit decided by lawmakers.
  • We will reduce the use of fossil-based natural gas at existing plants.
  • We will not build any new (CHP) power plants fired by fossil-based natural gas for the general public supply, i.e. electricity and district heating.


Dr. Mathias Onischka
Head of Sustainability Department
Sustainability Report Financial Year 2022

Published on 24th February 2023

Datenanhang KPI des MVV Nachhaltigkeitsberichts 2022 (in German)