15. August 2017 | MVV

MVV maintains sustainability-driven profitable growth

Operating earnings rise 2 percent to Euro 250 million in first nine months of current 2017 financial year - MVV's CEO Dr. Georg Müller: "In all our activities we never lose sight of one goal - the sustainability-driven growth of our group of companies."

The Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie (ISIN: DE000A0H52F5; WKN: A0H52F) maintained its sustainability-driven growth course in the first nine months of its current 2017 financial year (1 October 2016 - 30 June 2017). As announced by the company upon publication of its quarterly statement in Mannheim on Tuesday, operating earnings (adjusted EBIT) grew year-on-year by 2 percent to Euro 250 million. Sales for the same period increased by 3 percent to Euro 3.1 billion.

According to company CEO, Dr. Georg Müller, the factors driving this sales and earnings growth included the slight recovery in waste and biomass prices and the company's success in its nationwide sales and renewable energies direct marketing businesses. Furthermore, the Group’s results benefited from high availability levels at its proprietary power plants in Germany and the UK and from cooler weather conditions accompanied by increased heating energy requirements in the winter months. On the other hand, sales and earnings were adversely affected by wind volumes, which fell by around 10 percent compared with the previous year.

Due to its new plants, MVV nevertheless succeeded in expanding its electricity generation volumes from renewable energies, including the biogenic share of waste, year-on-year by 38 million kilowatt hours to 876 million kilowatt hours in the period from October 2016 to June 2017. In the current financial year, the Group has launched operations at two new windfarms in Freudenberg (Main-Tauber District / Baden-Württemberg) and Hain-Ost (Coburg District / Bavaria). Comments Dr. Müller: "Our figures offer the best proof of our ability to build a sustainably strong position even in what is still a challenging operating climate."

Positive forecast confirmed

Based on these results, the company has also confirmed its forecast for the 2017 financial year as a whole. From an operating perspective, MVV firmly expects to slightly exceed the previous year’s figures both for sales (2016: Euro 4.1 billion) and for adjusted EBIT (2016: Euro 213 million).

In terms of its pre-tax earnings (EBT), MVV Energie reported an increase of Euro 11 million to Euro 209 million at the end of the first three quarters of its current financial year. Profit, i.e. net income for the period after minority interests, rose year-on-year by 2 percent to Euro 125 million. That corresponds to adjusted earnings per share of Euro 1.90, as against Euro 1.86 in the previous year. Very positive developments were reported for the cash flow from operating activities, which rose from Euro 114 million to Euro 256 million, as well as for the equity ratio, which increased from 33.0 percent to 35.7 percent.

Sustainability as guiding principle

"In all our activities we never lose sight of one goal - the sustainability-driven growth of our group of companies", stressed MVV’s CEO, Dr. Müller, with a view to the quantitative sustainability targets now published for the first time by the Mannheim-based group of companies. "Sustainability has a long tradition at MVV and is also the principle guiding us on our way towards the energy supply of the future". This reflected the company's profound understanding of its responsibility towards society.

Sustainability has been an integral aspect of the corporate strategy since 2009 already. Consistent with this approach, sustainability topics have been factored into company decisions by way of a group-wide sustainability programme covering all business divisions. "For us, sustainable operations mean closely linking our economic targets to ecological and social aspects - and that in the interests of our customers, shareholders, employees and the general public. To succeed in the long term, companies have to operate sustainably and document this with measurable results."

Doubling renewable energies, saving one million tonnes of CO2

The energy system of the future is and will remain the main investment focus of the Mannheim energy company. In the years ahead, MVV intends to invest a further Euro 3 billion in the energy turnaround. This way, the company will double its proprietary electricity generation from renewable energies over the next ten years. Between 2010 and 2016, MVV already increased its renewable energies generation capacities by more than 100 percent - from around 200 megawatts to 418 megawatts.

At the same time, the Group, which also includes the two project development companies Juwi and Windwärts, has set itself the target of bringing 10,000 megawatts of renewable energies to the grid, particularly in the form of onshore wind turbines and photovoltaics systems. Over the same period, MVV aims to triple its net carbon dioxide savings to one million tonnes a year. MVV's own activities in the past 2016 financial year already enabled it to avoid around 330,000 tonnes of CO2.

Actively involving customers in the energy turnaround

By offering an attractive range of products and services, MVV also aims to enable its customers themselves to participate directly in the energy turnaround. Comments Dr. Müller: "We are making every effort to help our customers to implement their own energy turnarounds - with our competence and power of innovation, our new products and services, our high service quality and the commitment and dedication shown by all our employees." For example, the company already offers an all-round solution for private households in the form of a roof photovoltaics system, a battery storage facility and an electric vehicle charging station. "We combine the individual components smartly so that customers can make optimal use of the electricity they themselves generate."

Assisted by the new opportunities offered by digitisation, MVV has also launched solutions for business customers. For customers in the real estate sector, the MVV Enamic subsidiary has worked together with partners to develop a new data-based business model with metering services to facilitate automated heating energy and water cost billing. The joint venture Qivalo has been founded for this purpose. In parallel to this, MVV is supporting smaller SME players in enhancing their energy efficiency. Comments Dr. Müller: "Together with our new subsidiary Econ Solutions, we offer them all-round SME energy management solutions. We record and analyse their energy flows, identify potential efficiency enhancements and exploit these with customised solutions from our energy-related services portfolio."



Key figures of the MVV Energie Group
from 1 October 2016 to 30 June 2017
Euro million1 Oct 2016
to 30 Jun 2017
1 Oct 2015
to 30 Jun 2016
% change
Sales and earnings
Sales excluding energy taxes3,1383,033+ 3
Adjusted EBITDA1381391- 3
Adjusted EBIT1250246+ 2
Adjusted EBT1209198+ 6
Adjusted net income for period 1146142+ 3
Adjusted net income for period after minority interests1125122+ 2
Adjusted earnings per share 1 (Euro)1.901.86+ 2
Cash flow
Cash flow from operating activities2256114>+ 100
Cash flow from operating activities per share2 (Euro)3.891.73>+ 100
Capital structure
Adjusted total assets (at 30 Jun 2017 / 30 Sep 2016)34,2664,401- 3
Adjusted equity (at 30 Jun 2017 / 30 Sep 2016)31,5211,452+ 5
Adjusted equity ratio (at 30 Jun 2017 / 30 Sep 2016)335.7%33.0%+ 8
Net financial debt (at 30 Jun 2017 / 30 Sep 2016)1,2271,283- 4
Total investments128164- 22
of which growth investments4696- 52
of which investments in existing business8268+ 21
Number of employees (at 30 Jun 2017 / 30 Jun 2016)5,9876,109- 2



1 Excluding non-operating measurement items for financial derivatives, excluding structural adjustment for part-time early retirement and including interest income from finance leases
2 Previous year’s figures adjusted
2 Excluding non-operating measurement items for financial derivatives


Sebastian Ackermann
Head of communications and brand