15. Mai 2015 | MVV

State Capital of Kiel and MVV Energie to maintain partnership at Stadtwerke Kiel.

Parties to promote gas-powered CHP plant together. Prospects of improved energy industry framework and project planning progress lead to agreement between shareholders of Stadtwerke Kiel – Gas-powered CHP plant could become a beacon for the successful implementation of the energy turnaround with highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) generation – Project preparations continuing on schedule

As shareholders in Stadtwerke Kiel, the State Capital of Kiel (Landeshauptstadt Kiel) and the Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie have agreed a common approach towards implementing a follow-up solution for the joint power plant (Gemeinschaftskraftwerk – GKK) where operations are due to be phased out in the years ahead. At a joint press conference held on Friday (15 May 2015), Dr. Ulf Kämpfer, Lord Mayor of Kiel, and Dr. Georg Müller, CEO of MVV Energie, underlined that, after several months of negotiations, the two partners have now agreed to press ahead consistently and on schedule with the new gas-powered plant project. Dr. Kämpfer and Dr. Müller affirmed the responsibility jointly borne by the State Capital of Kiel and MVV Energie both for the positive future development of their common company Stadtwerke Kiel and its employees and for providing a reliable supply of energy to Kiel and its residents.

The agreement between the city and the Mannheim energy company is based in particular on the substantially improved prospects seen in political discussions in recent weeks. These should create the improvement in the energy industry framework that is crucial for the new power plant. Just a few weeks ago, Lord Mayor Kämpfer and Minister President Torsten Albig had consulted with the Federal Economics Minister to this effect. The state capital is confident that the right course has now been set in Berlin.

At the same time, the project managed by Stadtwerke Kiel, to which MVV Energie has also contributed its expertise and energy industry experience, has made progress in recent months in terms of planning the plant, which is expected to be built next to the existing GKK location on the eastern shore of Kieler Förde.

For Dr. Kämpfer and Dr. Müller, these are crucial preconditions for the gas-powered plant to succeed not only in technical terms, but also from an economic perspective. The planning and preparations currently underway for the power plant project will therefore be continued on schedule to enable the necessary financing and construction decisions to be taken by the Supervisory Board of Stadtwerke Kiel in the coming months. Comments Dr. Müller: "The gas-powered plant has a technically sophisticated concept. If Berlin adjusts the economic framework for this kind of power plant with the new energy market regulations discussed, then here in Kiel we could create a beacon for the smart implementation of the energy turnaround." For MVV Energie as well, that would provide a basis for assessing the power plant. "Our company has consistently invested in the energy turnaround for years now. Given the right overall package, we will get involved here in partnership with the State Capital of Kiel."

The question of different majorities has thus been clarified and the joint course adopted towards implementing the gas CHP power plant will be continued. There will be no changes in the partnership between the State Capital of Kiel and MVV Energie. Comment Dr. Kämpfer and Dr. Müller: "We will continue to work together closely and on a basis of trust in the interests of Stadtwerke Kiel and the people living in the state capital. This is a factor we would also underline after the discussions held in recent months concerning the right course for the GKK successor solution. In these discussions, we were at all times aware of our joint responsibility and always aimed to reach a mutually practical solution."

Lord Mayor Kämpfer is convinced that, following the tough discussions held in recent months, a breakthrough has been achieved and implementation of the gas CHP power plant can now be promoted together and purposefully.


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