21. November 2014 | MVV

Tesla Motors to rely on MVV Energie for German superchargers

Tesla Motors, the leading US electric vehicle manufacturer, will in future be cooperating in Germany with Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie. According to MVV Energie, the Mannheim energy company will in future supply environmentally-friendly green electricity to superchargers newly installed as Tesla expands its charging infrastructure in Germany.

Tesla currently has a network of 21 public charging stations in Germany. Just recently, the first charging station supplied with green electricity from MVV Energie already began operating in Hirschberg an der Bergstrasse (Goldbeckstrasse 1), and thus in the direct vicinity of Mannheim.

Tesla's superchargers are strategically located along highly-frequented motorway routes to enable Model S drivers to travel from one town to another with as few stops as possible. The superchargers can be found at motorway service areas, cafes and shopping centres, thus making the time travellers spend while their Model S vehicles are charged as pleasant and short as possible.

Tesla's supercharger offers one of the highest-performance charging technologies currently available. It supplies up to 135 kilowatts of direct current directly to the Model S batteries. Via a special cable, it bypasses the on-board charging appliance. A supercharger charges the batteries to half-full in around 20 minutes.

"For our company, this cooperation with one of the world’s electro-mobility technology leaders further documents our innovative strength", commented Ralf Klöpfer, Sales Director at MVV Energie. "Cross-sector cooperation between innovative companies is set to play an ever greater role in tomorrow’s energy world, where the energy supply will be more renewable and decentralised and its management smarter and more flexible."

Based in Silicon Valley/California, Tesla Motors intends to further expand its supercharger network in Germany as well in the coming months. In this move, which is due to growing customer numbers and increased demand, Tesla will be relying on its cooperation with MVV Energie.


Sebastian Ackermann
Head of communications and brand