Dr. Antje Mohr*

Trade Union Secretary at ver.di Kiel, Supervisory Board member since 2011

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, in 1974


seit 2013Trade union secretary for utilities/disposal companies in Southern Holstein district (city of Neumünster)
2009-2012Trade union secretary for banking/insurance at ver.di, Kiel-Plön district
2008-2010Trade union secretary for civil servants/women at ver.di, Northern State district, Kiel
2004-2008Trade union secretary for healthcare/social services/churches/welfare at ver.di, Kiel-Plön district
2002-2004Trade union secretary for youth services at ver.di, Rostock
1996Commercial employee working in HR support at Schleswag AG, Rendsburg

Education / training:

2009-2011Doctorate (Dr. rer. pol.), University of Flensburg
1996-1999Study of “Vocational Training and Management”, University of Flensburg and South-Danish University/Syddansk Universtet
1994-1996Training as industrial clerk, Schleswag AG, Rendsburg

Positions held on other statutory supervisory boards of German companies

  • Stadtwerke Kiel AG, Kiel

Status: 08 March 2019

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