Climate-neutral energy generation based on forward-looking technology.

Generating more energy from waste - our energy from waste plants

Our energy from waste plants not only dispose of waste in an environmentally-friendly way – they also generate climate-neutral energy. That fits in with our target of continually enhancing energy efficiency in line with our motto of "Generating more energy from waste".

Our Plants

Mannheim EfW CHP Plant

Operations at the waste-fired power plant in Mannheim began in 1965 already. Following several rounds of expansion, this plant now treats waste for more than one million inhabitants in the Rhine/Neckar region.
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Mannheim Biomass Power Plant

Mannheim Biomass Power Plant began operating in 2003 and specialises in incinerating waste and non-recyclable timber. The plant is able to incinerate all categories of waste timber.
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TREA Leuna EfW Plant

Operations at the non-recyclable waste treatment and energy generation plant TREA Leuna began in 2005. This plant treats and disposes of industrial, commercial and municipal waste.
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Königs Wusterhausen Biomass Power Plant

Königs Wusterhausen Biomass Power Plant began regular operations in 2003 after just 21 months of planning and construction. Waste and non-recyclable timber can be accepted either as pre-treated fuels or as raw materials.
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Flörsheim-Wicker Biomass Power Plant

Since operations began in 2003, Flörsheim-Wicker Biomass Power Plant has been generating environmentally-friendly energy from waste timber.
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Plymouth EfW CHP Plant

In Plymouth we operate a highly modern energy from waste facility. It generates electricity and heat for the adjoining Naval Base Devonport, using 245.000 tonnes of residual waste per year. read more


Ridham Dock Biomass CHP Plant

In Ridham Dock in the southeast of England we started operating a biomass facility in 2015. read more


Emissions data for our plants

We regularly publish our weekly emission statistics, thus enabling you to keep informed without delay about compliance with the relevant threshold values.
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How innovative waste treatment releases fresh energy and actively helps protect the environment and the natural world


Non-recyclable waste components can be used as fuels. This is the cornerstone of a modern, resource-efficient circular economy.

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Our power plants are certified as specialist disposal companies.

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