Sustainable energy concept for the next generation

Dr. Joachim Manns


Managing Director MVV Umwelt GmbH

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Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Joachim Manns has been Technical Director at MVV Umwelt GmbH since 1 May 2015. Before joining MVV Umwelt, Dr. Manns, who holds a doctorate in physics, worked as director of the Rheinhafen steam power plant (RDK) in Karlsruhe. Prior to this, he held various senior positions in the power plant and technology divisions at EnBW and STEAG.

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MVV Umwelt GmbH

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How innovative waste treatment releases fresh energy and actively helps protect the environment and the natural world


Non-recyclable waste components can be used as fuels. This is the cornerstone of a modern, resource-efficient circular economy.

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