Our lighthouse for Mannheim

From December 2018, LED video walls at the MVV headquarters building will show our logo and headline news from Mannheim and the region

A dynamic brand in a dynamic market - this claim was at the center of the new MVV brand image we presented last year. From December 2018, two LED screens at the MVV high-rise will be highly visible signs of our brand logo. The building is centrally located on the banks of the Neckar.

On the narrow sides of the skyscraper we will install LED walls of almost 150 square metres each with modern, energy-efficient technology. The brightness is adjustable to the time of day so that the content is easy to see during the day, while at night neither traffic nor residents are affected.

The know-how for this eye-catcher is available in-house: Our LED experts directed the development of the concept. In implementing the project, we are working with epicto from Edingen-Neckarhausen and S[quadrat] from near Nuremberg, who are also responsible for the LED technology in the SAP Arena.

In addition, together with our media partners "Mannheimer Morgen" and the regional television station RNF, we offer useful information on the video walls: With current headline news from Mannheim and the region, weather forecasts, the current time and date.

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