Individual customer concepts focusing on efficient waste utilisation.

Optimised disposal based on innovative resource management

We develop customised utilisation concepts based on your individual requirements and taking due account of the types of waste involved. By working closely together with you, we can thus develop optimal solutions ensuring that the waste is put to reliable use.

Planning input streams
The core task is to ensure a supply of optimal fuel for our plant capacities. Key parameters here are calorific values, fuel qualities and financial terms. When designing projects, further priority is accorded to using multimodal delivery opportunities. For major customers, these include having the waste delivered and unloaded by rail.

Marketing residual materials
As well as handling the input of fuels in the form of all kinds of household and commercial waste and refuse-derived fuels of medium calorific value, our resource management department also organises the targeted marketing of the plant’s output products. These include slag, filter dust and valuables resulting from the mechanical treatment of commercial waste prior to incineration. These residues are put to new use in a variety of industrial sectors, such as road construction and mining.

Optimised disposal based on innovative resource management

Alongside its activities in the fields of power plant planning, construction and operation, MVV Umwelt also provides its customers with all-round resource management services.