Individual customer concepts focusing on efficient waste utilisation


Marcus Bracht
Managing Director MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH

+49 621 290 4657

Marcus Bracht has been Managing Director of MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH since July 2015. A graduate in engineering, he studied environmental and hygiene technology and majored in waste disposal and wastewater purification. He then gained more than 25 years of professional experience in the waste industry. He has held various senior positions in both the public and private sectors. Before joining the Mannheim-based company, he worked as general manager at a medium-sized company disposing of mineral waste and filter dust in Heilbronn.

Nicole Chappell
Managing Director MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH

+49 621 290 4296

Nicole Chappell has been Commercial Director at MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH and Head of the Asset Management department at MVV Umwelt Asset GmbH since October 2022. She was previously an authorised representative and Head of the Commercial Processing department at MVV Umwelt Ressourcen GmbH from 2009 onwards.

She holds a degree in environmental science and business administration, as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. She began her career as a trainee at the environmental energy (Umwelt) subgroup in 2003, helped to develop the subgroup’s material flow management and was responsible for the commercial processing of input and output material flows at all power plant locations in Germany.

Optimised disposal based on innovative resource management

Alongside its activities in the fields of power plant planning, construction and operation, MVV Umwelt also provides its customers with all-round resource management services.