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MVV Environment Limited is an English registered company with its registered office in Plymouth. It is a subsidiary company of MVV Umwelt, "Umwelt" being the German word for "environment". Both companies are members of German energy company MVV with headquarters in Mannheim. MVV Umwelt provides flexible solutions for waste disposal, producing environmentally sustainable energy. In Germany, MVV Umwelt operates six Energy from Waste and biomass plants, managing 1.6 million tonnes of waste a year. With over 50 years’ experience, MVV Umwelt is one of the top companies in Germany in its field. In the UK market, MVV Environment operates an Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility in Plymouth with an annual capacity of 245,000 tonnes, a similar facility in Dundee with a capacity of around 110,000 tonnes per year and a Biomass facility at Ridham Dock (Kent), which uses 172,000 tonnes of old and waste wood for the generation of usable energy.

With currently around 6,000 employees and consolidated sales of 4 billion Euro (financial year 2018), MVV Energie AG is Germany's largest publicly listed municipality network. Majority shareholder of MVV is the City of Mannheim, thus guaranteeing the company's stability and ensuring the close relationship between the local utility company and the people of Mannheim. The company has developed its waste management, Combined Heat and Power and biomass energy portfolio through MVV Umwelt, the German parent company of MVV Environment.

MVV Umwelt has unrivalled experience in building and operating waste management facilities in Germany and has taken this experience to the UK. MVV Environment can provide long-term solutions to the management of the UK’s waste, in a sustainable and efficient manner for the benefit of waste disposal authorities, local communities and private waste management companies.

Energy from Waste
MVV Environment aims to replicate the success of MVV Umwelt in the Energy from Waste sector in the UK. The EfW plant at Mannheim, built in 1964 and continuously modernised since then, produces around 300,000 MWh of energy and 400,000 MWh of process steam annually. It has the capacity to process around 700,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste every year. Information about all of MVV’s EfW plants is available here. Our picture shows the EfW facility at Plymouth.

MVV Umwelt also specialises in generating energy from renewable biomass sources, especially waste wood. MVV Umwelt’s two German biomass facilities generate about 440,000 MWh of electricity per year - enough power for 110,000 three-person households. Information on all of MVV’s Biomass facilities is available here.

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