Our strategic alignment

We are creating the energy system of the future

The energy industry is undergoing a process of fundamental transformation. The energy of the future will be environmentally and climate-friendly, reliable and economical. We acted early to align MVV towards this future and are continually working to develop our company further. We are an active part of this transformation.

Three key developments will shape the new energy world: the decarbonisation of the energy supply, with further growth in renewable energies, the ongoing associated process of decentralisation and the digitalisation of the energy industry – a technological transformation that will affect all stages of the value chain and make new solutions possible.

We are expanding renewable energies

In the field of renewable energies we cover the entire value chain: from project development through plant operation to electricity marketing. This includes onshore wind energy, where we intend to further expand our portfolio, and our activities in the use of biomass, biowaste and biogas.

Overall, the consistent implementation of our investment targets will further transform our generation portfolio and make it significantly greener and more diversified.

Our heating vision is the basis of a sustainable supply

The use of combined heat and power in conjunction with environmentally friendly district heating is an integral part of our corporate strategy. With our highly efficient CHP plants, we are already making an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. In the 2018 financial year, we generated 27 percent of our electricity and 85 percent of our heat through combined heat and power.

A power plant for the new Energy world

The new "Küstenkraftwerk K.I.E.L." gas-fired combined heat and power plant on the Kiel Fjord will replace the coal-fired joint venture power plant. In combination with a heat storage unit and a power-to-heat plant, the facility will be able to respond extremely flexibly to changing demands on the energy market.

Generating electricity and heat from waste is an important cornerstone of a modern, resource-saving recycling economy. We are one of the leading companies in Germany in this field. We have also been active in the UK for several years. In the 2018 financial year, we acquired a thermal energy from waste facility in Dundee, Scotland, which we will initially continue to operate. At the same time, we are building a modern, highly efficient combined heat and power facility in the immediate vicinity, which is scheduled for completion in 2020.

We will continue to develop our Friesenheimer Insel site in Mannheim into a valuable component of the energy system transformation and a sustainable environmental service branch for Mannheim and the Rhine/Neckar metropolitan region. In this way, we will connect our cogeneration plant to the existing district heating grid. We will also expand the cogeneration plantby investing in technology to generate environmentally friendly energy from municipal sewage sludge and at the same time enable the recovery of phosphorus.

Innovative products and services for our customers

We develop innovative products and services for intelligent, decentralised energy management tailored to the needs of our customers in industry, trade and commerce and for private households.

In doing so, we use of our expertise and supplement our range with new ideas through strategic partnerships and shareholdings in companies. Our customers benefit from a combination of energy industry know-how, software intelligence, extensive experience and expertise.