MVV in the UK

First class technology for modern EfW plants


MVV intends to become one of the major contractors delivering EfW in the UK waste management sector. The focus is on developing a UK company that can evolve with the needs of the market through delivering PFI projects and acquisitions and by sharing best practice with its parent company in Germany. Indeed, the first class technology and efficiency characteristic of the German model will be paramount in its UK activities. MVV’s planned high performance, modern EfW plants are able to deal with large waste contracts in a sustainable and energy efficient manner.

MVV has wide and varied experience in the waste management and energy sector and although the primary focus will be on PFI projects, other opportunities for development will be explored. This could involve commercial and industrial waste merchant plants and waste wood plants, the latter similar to MVV’s plants in Wicker, Mannheim and Königs Wusterhausen in Germany. Other areas of potential future development include acquisitions of operational plant or late stage development opportunities.

MVV offers:

MVV has experience of planning, designing and building and operating EfW plants of different sizes in Germany. In coming to the UK, MVV has a number of key characteristics that will be crucial in managing the UK’s waste in a sustainable fashion:

  • Ability to deliver
  • Working with local authorities and partners to produce the best solutions
  • Environmentally sustainable technology
  • High energy efficiency
  • Expertise in CHP and district heating systems
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