Strategic Alignment

Energy industry in transformation

With our strategy, we acted in 2009 already to realign our company towards the energy system of the future. Since then, we have not only consistently implemented this strategy, but have also continually developed it further.

We will be investing a further Euro 3 billion in the forward-looking growth of our group of companies and in modernising and enhancing the efficiency of our plants and grids.

The “Energising My Future” motto unites the three pillars of our strategy and summarises the expectations we place in ourselves and our work:

  • Our aim is to have convinced customers to whose needs we align our products and services. We aim to inspire them with excellent service and innovative solutions.
  • Mature competence stands for our employees’ longstanding experience and expertise. We combine our competencies with excellent processes and work to enhance these factors with a view to the future.
  • New energy stands for the smart combination of renewable and highly efficient conventional energies. We are one of the pioneers of this transformation and combine this approach with our innovative strength and our focus on sustainability.

In line with our motto of “Energising My Future”, we will be focusing on our customers. Here, we will be

  • Generating profitable growth in our renewable energies business and connecting highly efficient conventional and renewable energies as key pillars of the energy system of the future
  • Boosting energy efficiency and combined heat and power generation in conjunction with further expansion in environmentally-friendly district heating
  • Guaranteeing energy supply reliability with smart, high-performance grids
  • Generating profitable growth with our decentralised energy generation from waste and biomass and by providing energy-related services
  • Offering innovative sales business models and professional services in our trading business
  • Ensuring competent cross-divisional units and high-performance shared services at our Soluvia companies.

Pioneers of the energy system conversion

This way, we are creating a basis to continue to act as a pioneer of the energy system conversion and to secure and extend our competitive position. At the same time, this enables us to offer attractive, forward-looking products and services, provide employees at our group of companies with secure and attractive jobs in future as well, and offer interesting prospects for our shareholders.

Investments in the future

In our renewable energies business we cover the entire wind power value chain from project development to plant operation through to electricity marketing. At the same time, we have further boosted the proprietary wind power portfolio at our group of companies. The MVV Energie Group currently has onshore wind turbines with a total installed capacity of almost 200 MW el.

Alongside onshore wind power, one key focus of our renewables energies activities involves biomass. We are already one of the market leaders when it comes to generating energy from waste, non-recyclable and fresh timber. We are also exploiting the market potential offered by generating electricity and heating energy from biogas and are contributing our expertise in this field.

Strategic projects

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26 percent of our electricity using combined heat and power

District heating and combined heat and power generation are core components of our long-term growth strategy. We currently generate around 26 percent of our electricity using combined heat and power generation. We are thus already ahead of the nationwide expansion target of 25 percent by 2020. In our heating energy business, we even generate around 90 percent using combined heat and power generation.

With Block 9 at the large power plant in Mannheim (Grosskraftwerk Mannheim – GKM), we now have a basis to guarantee supply reliability and to expand and further increase the density of the district heating grid in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region in the long term. GKM is one of the most efficient and modern power plants in Europe – thanks to efficient combined heat and power generation, Block 9 achieves fuel utilisation rates of up to 70 percent. The district heating storage facility enables us to further enhance supply reliability and generation flexibility.

At the same time, we are further expanding the generation of district and local heating using combined heat and power generation, as well as the district heating grids at our Mannheim, Kiel, Offenbach and Ingolstadt locations.

We are investing in expanding our existing heating energy generation plants and in environmentally-friendly district heating at our Czech subgroup as well. With its Termizo combined heat and power generation plant with a waste incineration facility in the city of Liberec, MVV Energie CZ a.s. is strongly positioned in the Czech heating energy market.

In our energy-related services business, we are focusing above all on projects and measures to enhance efficiency and optimise energy use for industrial, commercial and real estate customers, on operating industrial parks and on consulting projects.

Smart products and services

In future, our business will be substantially shaped by innovative services and products for smart, decentralised energy management. Beegy, our cross-sector joint venture, provides precisely these kinds of solutions and targets industrial, retail, commercial and housing customers, as well as private customers.

Our customers benefit from the combination of energy industry know-how, software intelligence and logistics expertise. They receive all product components they need for smart energy management from a single source. The core components are smartly networked system solutions enabling the generation, consumption and storage of energy to be flexibly coordinated.

Customer focus

We view each of our customers as a partner. We are therefore making our private and commercial customers the focus of our sales activities even more than in the past. We have launched several customer initiatives that specifically address the experience, interests and wishes of our customers. This way, we learn more about their individual needs and can develop innovative products and business models precisely tailored to their requirements.

One of Germany’s top 3 direct marketers

With a volume of 7,050 MW, MVV is one of Germany’s three largest direct marketers and is the market leader for photovoltaics in Germany. The virtual power plant at MVV Energie AG, one of the largest in Germany, integrates both renewable plants and more than 1,000 MW of controllable conventional flexibilities.

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12. May 2017 | MVV Energie Group

MVV confirms growth course

Operating earnings rise 4 percent to Euro 212 million in first six months of current 2017 financial year - CEO Dr. Georg Müller: "These figures confirm the financial success of our pioneering role in the energy turnaround."

10. March 2017 | MVV Energie Group

MVV Energie pays unchanged dividend of Euro 0.90 per share


10. March 2017| MVV Energie

MVV Energie maintains its growth course

Annual General Meeting of Mannheim energy company with positive outlook - Investments in energy turnaround to remain strategic focus - Ever greater focus on partnership-based customer relationships

15. February 2017 | MVV Energie Group

MVV Energie posts good start to new financial year

Operating earnings rise to Euro 115 million in 1st quarter of 2017 financial year - Sales grow by 15 percent to around Euro 1.1 billion - Higher heating energy turnover due to colder weather conditions - Forecast for 2017 confirmed

13. December 2016| MVV Energie Group

MVV Energie reports on positive 2016 financial year

New plants and investments lead to sales and earnings growth at Mannheim energy company – Annual sales of Euro 4.1 billion and operating earnings of Euro 213 million – Slight sales and earnings growth expected for current 2017 financial year

09. December 2016 | juwi AG

Duke Energy acquires 13MW Colorado PV project from juwi

Duke Energy Renewables announced Thursday that it has acquired the 13MW Victory Solar Power Project in Adams County, Colorado, from solar developer juwi.

09. November 2016| MVV Umwelt

Martin Becker-Rethmann appointed as Commercial Director of MVV Umwelt

Longstanding ALBA Director to assume management of Mannheim-based MVV Energie subsidiary as of 1 December

07. November 2016| juwi AG

Dagmar Rehm Appointed Chief Financial Officer of juwi AG

As of 1 January 2017, 53-year-old economist will be succeeding Marcus Jentsch who is retiring from the managing board of the juwi AG at his own request.

02. November 2016| MVV Energie

MVV Environment biomass power plant at Ridham Dock now officially in operation

Investment of around Euro 140 million – Commitment to sustainable, environmentallyfriendly energy generation

30. September 2016 | MVV Energie

MVV Energie acquires biomethane plant stakes from bmp greengas

MVV Energie AG (Mannheim) is acquiring the stakes held by bmp greengas GmbH (Munich) in the biomethane plants Biomethananlage Klein Wanzleben GmbH and Biomethananlage Kroppenstedt GmbH as of 30 September 2016.