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MVV Insurance Services GmbH
Location: Mannheim
Parent company: MVV Energie
MVV Energie AG shareholding:68,4 %
Company object: Proprietary insurance agency of the MVV Energie Group’s
This company provides the whole range of insurance services, focusing in particular on selling and purchasing insurance policies, analysing insurance needs, handling damages claims and providing advice and support on all insurance-related matters.
MVV Insurance Services GmbH offers its services to all group companies. It also offers the entire spectrum of private insurance services to MVV Energie employees.
MVV Energie AG owns 68.4 percent of the shares in the company, while Energieversorgung Offenbach AG and Stadtwerke Kiel own 17.6 percent and 14 percent respectively.
Further Information
Grosskraftwerk Mannheim AG
Location: Mannheim
Parent company: MVV RHE GmbH
MVV Energie AG shareholding: 28 %
Company object: Construction and operation of large power plant,
electricity and district heating supplier
GKM supplies Mannheim with electricity and district heating and Fernwärme Rhein-Neckar GmbH with district heating.
Further Information: www.gkm.de
Fernwärme Rhein-Neckar GmbH
Parent company:
MVV Energie AG shareholding:
50 %
Company object: District heating supply using district heating from large GKM power plant
This company’s object is the supply of district heating using heating energy from the large power plant in Mannheim (Grosskraftwerk Mannheim – GKM). The region supplied by the company also includes the municipalities of Heidelberg and Schwetzingen. FRN’s activities involve the procurement and sale of district heating, as well as the construction and operation of the necessary plants.

WVE Wasserver- und -entsorgungsgesellschaft Schriesheim mbH
Location: Schriesheim
Stake held by MVV Energie AG:24.5 %
Company object:Water supply and wastewater disposal services for the town of Schriesheim
WVE Wasserver- und -entsorgungsgesellschaft Schriesheim mbH is responsible for supplying water and disposing of wastewater for the town of Schriesheim. The company was founded in May 2000 by the town of Schriesheim together with MVV Energie and AWS Gelsenkirchen.

Zweckverband Wasserversorgung Kurpfalz
Parent company:
MVV Energie AG shareholding:
51 %
Company object: Supply of Mannheim, Heidelberg, Schwetzingen and Ketsch with drinking water from Schwetzinger Hardt waterworks
This special purpose association mainly focuses on the planning, construction, operation, maintenance, renewal and extension of drinking water production, treatment, storage and pumping plants. The water produced is mainly supplied to the member companies within the association. Water may also be supplied to other customers, provided that this does not disadvantage the association’s members.
European Energy Exchange AG
MVV Energie AG shareholding:
0,99 %
Company object: Energy trading
MVV Energie AG is one of only a small number of municipal energy suppliers to acquire a shareholding (0.99 percent) in the EEX AG electricity exchange via its energy trading activities. European energy companies own 52 percent of the shares in total; the remaining 48 percent of the shares in the exchange are held by Eurex Zürich AG.
Further information at: www.eex.de
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11. December 2018| MVV Energie

MVV remains on course

Mannheim energy company posts fourth consecutive year of earnings growth – Operating earnings rise two percent to Euro 228 million

05. November 2018| juwi AG

juwi crosses the 100-MW mark in Vietnam

The new PV project has a size of 50 megawatts and is to be constructed in the middle of Vietnam close to the eastern coastline.

10. October 2018| juwi AG

juwi enters solar market in Vietnam

18. September 2018| juwi AG

Juwi signs agreement with University of Queensland to deliver PV Hybrid Project on the Great Barrier Reef

15. August 2018 | juwi AG

South Africa: juwi to construct and operate 250 MW solar PV in REIPPPP Round 4 projects

Major milestone in the company’s history / Addition of this 250 MW triples juwi’s existing portfolio of solar PV projects constructed and operated in South Africa

15. August 2018 | MVV Energie

MVV remains on course and maintains high pace of investment

Mannheim energy company confirms earnings forecast after third quarter: MVV expects slight year-on-year operating earnings growth in 2018 financial year – High pace of investment to generate growth and safeguard supply reliability

04. July 2018 | juwi AG

juwi completes 135 Megawatt Solar Park in India

Biggest single project in the company’s history / Project confirms status as one of the top global EPC contractors

18. June 2018| MVV Energie

MVV officially starts construction of new Dundee Energy from Waste CHP Plant

Modern facility will replace existing power plant at Baldovie / German Energy Company invests £125 million in long-term sustainable solution for waste from Dundee and Angus

15. May 2018 | MVV Energie

MVV in favour of accelerated expansion in renewable energies and combined heat and power generation:

Positive signals sent by Grand Coalition will have to followed up with specific implementation