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At Ridham Dock, we operate a highly modern and very efficient, combined heat and power (CHP) biomass power plant. CHP means the simultaneous production of electrical energy and usable heat. The heat energy from the CHP process is typically used in district heating systems and/or as process steam for industrial purposes. CHP uses a very high degree of the energy content of the fuel.

In the plant at Ridham Dock, we use up to 195,000 tonnes of waste wood per year to generate almost 188 million kilowatt-hours of electrical energy. The plant has a net electrical capacity of 23 megawatts.

The fuel consists of old and used wood (processed wood and wood with slight to medium contamination such as chipboard, fibreboard and old furniture, and wood from building sites and demolished buildings) from the surrounding region. These types of wood usually cannot be re-used and have in the past largely been exported to the continent for use in similar energy from waste plants.

Ridham Dock Biomass Facility

Lord Nelson Road
Ridham Dock, Iwade
Sittingbourne, ME9 8FQ

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Paul Carey
Managing Director of MVV Environment Ridham Ltd