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In what business segments is MVV Energie AG actively engaged?

We are an energy utility and value-added services provider, with core competencies in supplying electric power, gas, water service, thermal utilisation and value-added services. We have extensive technical know-how with regard to distribution technology and have been making effective use of our traditionally close ties to customers. We have branched out from our core business and are now a full-service provider of value-added services for energy and water distribution.

How did MVV Energie AG come into being?

Mannheimer Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH was re-organised in 1988 as MVV GmbH, which has two subsidiaries: MVV Energie AG and MVV Verkehr AG (today MV Mannheimer Verkehr GmbH). MVV Energie AG went public in March 1999, thereby becoming partially privatised. Today, MVV Energie Group has about 6,000 employees and sales of Euro 3.9 billion, making it one of Germany's largest regional and municipal energy utilities.

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Do losses from MVV Verkehr AG have a negative impact on earnings or business developments at MVV Energie AG?

MVV Energie AG is listed on the stock exchange and is not bound to MVV Verkehr AG or the City of Mannheim through profit and loss pooling agreements or control agreements. As a consequence, results from MVV Verkehr AG can have no influence on MVV Energie AG's earnings. Because the City of Mannheim is indirectly the principal shareholder of MVV Energie AG (50.1%), the city receives dividends just like any other shareholder, which it can use to offset losses from MVV Verkehr AG.

Are MVV Energie AG and MV Mannheimer Verkehr GmbH linked through their operational businesses?

There is no operational link between MVV Energie AG and MV Mannheimer Verkehr GmbH (formerly MVV Verkehr AG). In order to take advantage of synergies, MV Mannheimer Verkehr GmbH (formerly MVV Verkehr AG) has commissioned MVV Energie AG to administrate centralised divisions, such as the Legal Department, and this work is then apportioned in accordance with agency agreements.

How is MVV Energie AG structured?

Since going public in 1999, the original parent group (MVV Energie AG and MVV RHE GmbH) has produced a dynamic corporate group with numerous foreign and domestic participations.

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What is MVV Energie AG doing for the environment?

As a provider of value-added energy, water and waste-management services, we have long been aware of our special responsibility for maintaining both human safety as well as the natural basis for life on earth - and have been acting accordingly.

We have reduced the adverse environmental impact attributable to energy distribution and to providing value-added services to a minimum.

Moreover, renewable energy has become a cornerstone of our growth strategy. Our participation, the Mannheim Central Powerplant (GKM), utilises environment-friendly cogeneration (CHP) to produce electric power and district heating simultaneously.

Through our success in the biomass, biogas and wind energy sectors, we are doing our part to achieve national objectives of rosing the proportion of energy generated from renewable energy sources to 65% by 2030.

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