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Where is MVV Energie AG publicly listed?

The Stock Indices Working Group of Deutsche Börse AG decided at its regular three-monthly meeting that the MVV Energie AG share should leave the SDAX as of 23 December 2013.

We naturally regret this decision, which lay outside our control. Having said this, the possibility of this development arising was apparent for several quarters. This was due to the consistent reduction in our share’s stock market turnover given low free float volumes. Stock market turnover with a given share is one of the key criteria determining stock index composition. The low volume of free float trading is due to several of our larger shareholders acquiring shares on the stock market and pooling these into packages in recent years. These shares are then no longer available for free float trading.

This decision has no impact on our stock market listing or on our financial market reporting obligations. Given our earnings strength and our sustainability and profitability-based strategy, we are nevertheless convinced that our share will remain attractive for long-term investors in future as well.

When were the last dividend payment be?

Dividends were most recently paid out on March 11, 2019 following the General Shareholders' Meeting (March 08, 2019).

Other dates can be found in the calendar: continues

What are MVV Energie AG's dividend policies?

Future plans also include paying shareholders an attractive dividend based on the MVV Energie Group's earnings. Generally speaking, both MVV's ability to distribute dividends as well as the size of the dividends themselves are dependent both on actual earnings and on such factors as its overall financial situation, liquidity requirements, prospects for the future, taxes and other economic considerations. Decisions regarding the way net profits are to be used are made at the General Shareholders' Meeting.

On what exchanges are MVV Energie AG shares traded?

MVV Energie AG shares are traded officially on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Stuttgart and unofficially in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin, and in the Xetra trading system.

What is the current breakdown of MVV Energie AG's shareholders?

MVV Energie AG's principal shareholders include the City of Mannheim (indirectly) at 50.1%, EnBW AG at 28.8%, and RheinEnergie AG at 16.3%; 4.8% of the shares are currently in free float. Click here for more information on our shareholders: continues

Is there a program for repurchasing shares?

At the last General Shareholders' Meeting, permission was granted to repurchase up to 10% of MVV Energie AG's share capital. We have not yet exercised this option.

Were there any capital measures?

28.09.2006 Issue of new shares to employees within the framework of the 2006 employee share option programme

Employee Share Option Programme 2006

How many shares are there and how many are in free float?

There are 65 906 796 no par value shares, 3.2 million of which are in free float. 20% of the free-floating shares are held by German and non-German institutional investors; 80% are held by private investors within Germany. See also: What is the current breakdown of MVV Energie AG's shareholders? Click here for more information:


How high have dividends and dividend yields been up to now?

The following table shows how dividends and dividend yields have developed over the past few years:

 2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY
Dividends per share in Euro 0.900.900.900.900.90
Dividend yield in %

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