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10th October 2019 - MEB Outage Contractor Stand down - World Mental Health Day

In recognition and support of the World Mental Health Day, contractors and staff at our Baldovie operational facility had a 10 minute stand down this morning (see attached photo) . Gregor McGhee, QHSE manager, had this to say “Being mentally healthy doesn’t just mean that you don’t have a mental health problem. Everyone seems to have a story to tell when speaking to staff and contractors thus, we at MEB, are proud to support #itsgoodtottalk”.

2nd October - Plans to keep existing plant operating

MVV are very pleased that, with the help of the skilled and dedicated workforce, they have managed to improve the performance and reliability of the 20-year-old Baldovie Energy from Waste facility. With the upcoming ban on the landfilling of biodegradable waste in Scotland from 1 January 2021 and the shortage of facilities to treat this residual waste MVV are seeking permission from Dundee City Council and SEPA to continue to operate the existing facility alongside the new facility which is being built on Forties Road. To reassure DCC, SEPA and the local community that operating the two facilities in parallel will not pose any risks or problems, MVV have appointed consultants to assess the traffic, drainage and air quality implications of the combined operations and are investigating alternative odour management technologies.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this proposal.

1st October –Boiler Hydrostatic Test (Pressure Test)

We are approaching another major milestone in the construction of our EfW plant, the boiler pressure test. This will be carried out on 8th October 2019.

A hydrostatic test is a way of testing pressure vessels such as pipelines, plumbing, gas cylinders, fuel tanks and boilers for strength and leaks, and is the last of many quality tests carried out so far on our boiler.

The boiler will be filled with cold water and raised to the specified test pressure (in our case 136 bar). The boiler’s integrity will be tested by shutting off the supply valve and observing whether there is a pressure loss. The complete test will take a day to complete.

This is an important part of the safety testing regime that will continue throughout the final stages of construction and into commissioning.

12th August 2019 - Tallest Structure in Dundee?

We have successfully erected our chimney! The MEB chimney stands tall at 90m. The first section was erected on Wednesday 7th August but unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and the second section went up on 8th August in the afternoon. This did not deter members of the Good Neighbours Group as we were delighted to host Councillor Christina Roberts, Yvonne Tosh and Garvie Jamieson, who came to sign the last chimney section on 9th August (click here for photos) .

The final section was installed on 10th August amidst blue skies and calm winds. Is it the tallest free-standing structure in Dundee? Perhaps our community can tell us!

26th June 2019: Winners of the 2019 Challenge Fund

MVV are delighted to announce Braeview Academy, Harris Academy and Monifieth High School as the winners of the 2019 Challenge Fund. This fund aims at providing up to £5,000 to schools in the Dundee and Angus area for projects in the areas of engineering, construction and waste reduction.

This is what the judges had to say about the winning applications:

“Very clear and concise applications with detailed SMART objectives which outline projects with clear construction & engineering focus, hence meeting the brief. There are clear curricular links shown and aspirations to nurture ongoing interests & therefore having "legacy" effects from any funding award”.

“A worthwhile construction project that uses waste materials to build useful structures for the school. This would raise awareness of volume of plastic used, a very topical subject”.

A disbursement ceremony in form of a High Tea was held in our facility on Forties road and saw the winners presented with a cheque by our Managing Director Paul Carey.

2nd May 2019: Promoting health and safety at work

Following on from IWMD and as part of the LOcHER project, students from the local high school visited our operational and construction sites on Wednesday to test the health and safety knowledge of our staff and contractors. The students baked cakes with health and safety signs as decorations, but staff had to correctly identify the symbols to earn their cake!
Photograph of the students
Photograph of the cakes

29th April 2019: Learning Occupational Health by Experiencing Risks (LOcHER) Project

MEB is only the second company in the UK to undertake a LOcHER project outside of an educational establishment; this initiative originated within the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and provides students and apprentices with the opportunity to identify health and safety risks in their area of study. We are proud to uphold the virtue that Health and safety should not be a responsibility assigned to a particular individual or part of an organisation, but an integral part of everyone’s role.

28th April 2019: International Workers’ Memorial Day

MVV is proud to support International Workers’ Memorial Day (IWMD); remembering those who have lost their lives in work-related incidents and striving to make the workplace a safer environment for everyone. Our QHSE Manager in Dundee, Gregor McGhee, has organised a full week of activities on site – more information to follow - and our Plymouth Facility lit up purple on Sunday 28th April to mark the day.

23rd April 2019 – Challenge Fund

In conjunction with Dundee City and Angus Councils, MVV are delighted to announce that applications are now open the 2019 Challenge Fund for primary and secondary schools within the locality. The fund will provide financial support for schools to undertake projects related to engineering, construction and waste reduction within an educational background. Click here for the full criteria and application form or for more information please contact Mimi Mwasame,

The deadline for applications is 3rd June 2019.

29th March 2019: Community Tree Planting Event

We were delighted to host 20 members of the local community who joined us for the Tree Planting Event on 29th March. This event was aimed at enhancing the community’s role and stewardship of the trees we have planted alongside the Dighty.

Over the past few weeks, we undertook extensive flood mitigation works along the south bank of the Dighty to contain any excess water in the event of heavy rainfall, thus reducing the risk of flooding to our neighbours’ houses and business premises.

The design for the works was agreed with Dundee City Council as owner of the land. The calculations for excavation and storage of the material were checked by both the City Council and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). All the excavated material was mounded on the site above the predicted maximum 1 in 200 years plus climate change flood level, so no material had to be moved from the site.

In line with our values of sustainability and environment protection, we have planted over 5000 indigenous trees and shrubs along the Dighty that will enhance and support its ecosystem.

27th February 2019: Inaugural Dundee and Angus Expo

Together with our EPC Contractor SBG, we held a joint stand at the Inaugural Dundee and Angus Expo. It was a well-attended event with local businesses and organisations showcasing their products and services. The event provided us with a platform to meet with a lot of businesses and individuals who were keen to engage with us in the construction of the new EfW facility as well as creating awareness about EfW in general. Our picture shows Rob Bramhill (SBG) and Mimi Mwasame, our Local Liaison Officer, representing the project. More

27th November 2018: Commissioning of the steam pipe

We have finished construction of the steam pipe connecting our EfW facility with the Michelin Factory. The final step of commissioning will be carrying out steam blow-downs this week. The steam blows into the direction of the MEB premises to remove any dirt and dust. A silencer is installed on the far end of the steam pipe and we are not expecting any noise levels above the current operational noise. Finally the pipe will be flushed with nitrogen and then sealed until our new facility is commissioned in 2020.

20th October 2018: Planned Outage finished on time

Like every complex technical system, the EfW facility at Baldovie has to undergo maintenance to ensure optimum availability. This year's outage of the facility went smoothly, even so we had some major technical projects scheduled. Thanks to the subcontractors and to our own staff, we finished the maintenance on time. A closer look at the individual tasks can be found here .

21st June 2018: Good Neighbours Charter signed

Being a good neighbour is an important part of our business. Signing a Good Neighbours Charter with a representative each of the community, Friends of the Earth Tayside and our client, the Dundee and Angus Waste Partnership Project, shows our dedication to this aim. The Charter can be found here.
Photograph of the signing

1st June 2018: Sponsoring Forthill Primary

We are delighted to be this years’ sponsor for Forthill Primary Schools’ drama. Forthill were chosen to design, create and perform a drama at the Dundee Rep as part of the GIFT Project. MEB’s QHSE Manager Gregor McGhee showed the school’s representatives around the facility.
Forthill Sponsoring

24th April 2018: Visit from Dundee City Council

In the last week of April, we welcomed and hosted Officers and elected members of Dundee City Council. Elaine Zwirlein (Executive Director of Neighbourhood Services), Greg Colgan (Executive Director of Corporate Services), Andy Malcolm (Service Manager - Waste Partnership), John Alexander (Leader of Dundee City Council), Bailie Willie Sawers (Deputy Leader of Dundee City Council), and Anne Rendall (Neighbourhood Services Deputy Convener) were given a short presentation about MVV and a tour of our facility, followed by a discussion about the Dundee and Angus Waste Partnership Project.
Dundee City Council at MVV

16th April 2018: Rockwell Learning centre students and teachers visit MEB

As part our community benefits commitment to promoting environmental education and awareness, we were proud to welcome students from Rockwell Learning Centre into our facility. We look forward to working with all the schools in Dundee and Angus and surroundings. Any teachers or students interested in a visit, please contact our community liaison officer, Mimi Mwasame.

21st March 2018: Improvement outage

Having taken over the existing Baldovie facility at the end of November last year, we are now mid-way through a major improvement outage on the two boilers, whilst maintaining waste management services to Dundee City and Angus Councils. We have successfully integrated the existing team into MVV’s wider organisation and have begun preliminary works on the new Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility, including clearing of the site, erection of the construction offices on the west side of Forties Road, and test piling.

7th March 2018: Visitors from Angus council

We were honoured to welcome and host officials and elected members from Angus council. The visit comprised of a short presentation about MVV, a tour of our facility and a discussion about the Dundee and Angus Waste Partnership Project. Angus Council was represented by Margo Williamson (Chief Executive), Ian Lorimer (Head of Corporate Finance), Stewart Ball (Head of Housing, Regulatory and Protective Services), Rory Tosh (Senior Accountant, Corporate Finance) and the Angus elected officials Bob Myles (Leader), Angus McMillan Douglas (Deputy Leader), Craig Fotheringham (Convener) and Lois Speed (Vice Convener). They were met by Dr. Joachim Manns (Managing Director MVV Umwelt GmbH), Paul Carey and Uwe Zickert (Directors of MVV Environment Baldovie), Gregor McGhee (QHSE Manager at MEB), Peter Lawrence (MEB Contract Manager), Peter Knapp (MEB Head of Operations and Maintenance) and MEB Community Liaison Manager Mimi Mwasame.
Angus Council at MVVDundee

14th February 2018: Mimi Mwasame joins as Community Liaison Manager

As we commence the building of a new, state of the art Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power Facility, we have been joined by Mimi Mwasame as Community Liaison Manager. Mimi has been living in Aberdeen since 2011 when she came to study for an MSc; since completing her studies, she as been working for the Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organizations. Prior to this she worked for the Worldwide Fund for Nature in Kenya. Mimi will be responsible for managing our community relations, working with educational establishments, stakeholders and other community groups, and on the delivery of the community benefits action plans and our waste education activities in Dundee and Angus.

31st January 2018: Successful “Meet the Buyer’s Event”.

MVV Environment Baldovie (MEB) and their contractors, Standardkessel Baumgarte GmbH (SGB) and Chilworth, held a very successful “Meet the Buyer’s Event” at the Michelin Athletic Club. Almost 150 potential contractors and suppliers, mostly from the Tayside region, joined us for talks about our project and the various opportunities available to engage with us. MEB will soon start construction of the £125 million Energy from Waste Combined Heating and Power (EFW CHP) facility which is scheduled to take between two and three years.

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