MVV Environment Baldovie are proud to participate virtually in this year’s Dundee Science Festival.

Please click here to learn more about how we convert residual waste into energy, our engagement activities with schools and careers within the Energy from Waste industry.

Visits and Education

MVV are committed to engaging with local schools, colleges, and the wider community to offer site tours and waste, energy, and environmental workshops. These can be booked through our Community Liaison Manager or through our online booking form below.

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Primary and Secondary Schools

We welcome the opportunity to work with local schools.

The core aim of our education programme is to improve attitudes and behaviours towards waste and resource management. Emphasis is placed on the waste hierarchy with Reducing waste being the most important, followed by Reuse, Recycling and finally, Recovery.

Schools video

As part of our dedication to creating awareness on the process involved in the generation of energy from waste (EfW), our Facility in Plymouth, MVV Environment Devonport (MED), has developed a video to explain how we prevent non-recyclable waste from going to landfill. The residual waste is treated as a resource and used as a fuel to generate renewable energy.

The EfW process is similar between our newly constructed Facility (Line 3) and MED, however, in Baldovie, we receive our residual waste from Dundee City and Angus Councils.

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    Higher Education
    Building on key waste management messages and principles, we aim to introduce the waste management industry as one that often needs high technology solutions requiring advanced technical and management skills and can offer a secure and interesting career path.

    If you are interested in pursuing a career in the industry, we offer work experience placements and internship. For more information, please visit the Career Development section of our website.

    MVV are committed to becoming an integral part of the communities they serve by listening to concerns and providing general awareness-raising of the waste hierarchy and the solution provided by the Facility. Site tours can be arranged via our Community Liaison Manager or through our online booking form below.

    Special Interest
    For those with a more specialist interest in waste management and/or engineering, a technical overview of the process and capacity of the Facility in terms of energy generation and as a waste management solution can be delivered. Please contact our Community Liaison Manager or calling +44 7966 216 041 for more information.

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