The challenge of sewage sludge disposal

Current status of the planned sewage sludge utilisation plant at Gersthofen Industrial Park

We focus on efficiency and sustainability and create a new disposal method for sewage sludge.

The sewage sludge mono-combustion plant planned by MVV in the Gersthofen industrial park is primarily intended for the disposal of sewage sludge from municipal sewage treatment plants in the region. In addition, it is also possible to recover phosphorus from the incineration ash.

We are therefore pursuing three objectives with this plant: We are protecting the environment, we are increasing the disposal security for local authorities and we are enabling the extraction of a valuable raw material.

View of the planned sewage sludge utilisation plant with the plant components
View of the planned sewage sludge utilisation plant from the outside

If sewage sludge is applied to the soil as before, more and more pollutants accumulate there over the course of time, for example heavy metals, residues from medicines and household products, but also germs. Legislation therefore stipulates that in future only low-pollutant sewage sludge may be used in agriculture. Incineration together with other waste or in coal-fired power plants is also only possible for a transitional period.

With our plant for the thermal recycling of sewage sludge, we meet the legal requirements for an environmentally friendly and resource-saving treatment of sewage sludge. The plant is designed for 85,000 tonnes of dewatered sewage sludge per year, so that operators of municipal sewage treatment plants in the region can be assured of permanent disposal.

Using state-of-the-art technology, we eliminate the pollutants contained in the sewage sludge. The combustion energy obtained is fed into the heat and power network system of the Gersthofen Industrial Park. In addition, the valuable raw material phosphorus, which is required, for example, for fertilizer production, can be recovered from the incineration ash.

The sewage sludge recycling plant will safely comply with the strict limit values of the 17th BImSchV (Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung - German Federal Immission Control Ordinance).

The independent plant will be operated jointly with MVV's existing substitute fuel power plant, making use of many synergies from the existing infrastructure.


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